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Why Play to Earn Games Are Becoming Popular

The gaming world always adapts with current technology, including blockchain, crypto, and NFT. Play to earn games are slowly changing the way players can earn rewards with real-life value. With the widespread application of metaverse technology, these games become valuable ways to earn while enjoying your favorite leisure activities.


What Are Play to Earn Games?


Play To Earn NFT Meaning


Play to earn games (P2E) are games that use NFT or cryptocurrency as parts of their system. They allow players to get NFT and crypto as digital assets as rewards after finishing certain game stages or missions. Players can use these assets to conduct transactions with other players to get skins, tools, weapons, and other game necessities.

At first glance, P2E looks like regular games that require you to do in-game purchases. However, regular games put their goods behind a paywall, requiring you to conduct regular money transactions to get them. With P2E, players can immediately get digital rewards that they can use for actual transactions.

The games come in various types and genres, giving different players around the world options. For example, Axie Infinity is a Pokemon-like game where you collect magical creatures. Splinterlands is a card battle game with tournaments and quests. There are also sci-fi, adventure, sports, and even block-building games akin to Minecraft.

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How Can I Make Money from Play to Earn Games?



In play to earn games, you use cryptocurrencies and NFTs to trade assets between players. Things like skins, weapons, tools, and other in-game items come in the form of NFTs. Every time you finish a task or mission (depending on the games), you can get crypto tokens to use for real transactions within the game or with other players. Some games give you crypto tokens as awards from real-life stakes.

For example, Silks's metaverse game allows players to bet on horses at actual Derby races. Players who guess the right winning horse will receive crypto tokens. You can also create something within the game and charge other players to use it. For example, in a building game like Sandbox, you are free to build mini-games or useful landscapes that other players can play. In return, they pay you with crypto tokens.


How to Start a Play to Earn Game?



Depending on what games you play, you probably need to buy specific crypto tokens used in the game. Other games require you to buy specific NFTs from their nft marketplaces before you can join. It all depends on your goal: whether you want to get NFTs or crypt tokens as rewards.

You also need to find the right game. Every game offers unique, rewarding systems based on the gameplay. Make sure to know what they offer and the requirements before signing up.

Here are some examples of popular P2E games that offer crypto tokens and NFTs.


1. Duckie Land


Duckie Land is a unique multiplayer where you explore the land, fight, and collect rewards. However, instead of a ferocious warrior or fighter, you start the adventure as an adorable cartoon duck called “Duckie”. Each Duckie character and the elements in this world consist in the forms of NFT, and you get tokens as rewards for finishing quests and other activities.  The in-game tokens are MMETA and WAFER. You can use your rewards to shop for items, skins, and weapons. You can also use the tokens to enhance your Duckie’s skills and abilities.. 


2. The Sandbox


The Sandbox is the P2E version of building games like Minecraft, with an open-ended system that allows you to get creative. This game uses NFT assets for building and customizing, and you can buy them at the NFT marketplace using an in-game coin called SAND. 

You can get SAND by creating buildings and mini-games for other players to use and interact with. It would help if you had SAND to hire artists or monetize NFTs. To start, you need to have MetaMask as your crypto wallet and transfer some Ethereum into it. Your MetaMask is a requirement to sign up for a new account.


3. Pirate X Pirate


Can't get enough of pirate adventures? Pirate X Pirate allows you to build your own ship and pirate crew and go through adventures to gain treasures. Using PXP as in-game currencies, you can trade and build NFTs to create ships, gather crews, finish quests, or compete in PvP events. You can either complete short quests fast with small ships or follow long ones with big ships yet earn more rewards.


4. Gods Unchained


Gods Unchained is a tactical card game that allows players to own their items in the form of NFTs. The game uses in-game tokens called GODS, which you can use to buy cards as NFTs. Every Friday, players can join in PvP tournaments to get experience points and rewards. To sign up, you must have a crypto wallet and some Ethereum.


Are There Risks?

Many players consider P2E games as opportunities to earn money, but the volatile nature of crypto and NFT markets can make things tricky.  If you want to earn a significant amount of money or rewards, you need to invest in the gameplay. This means spending a lot of money to buy NFTs and crypto coins, especially since many games require crypto wallets before you can sign up.

The volatile market can make you lose a fortune in a short time. Sustainability in the game's economic system is also an issue; many players find themselves having to spend much time and money to earn, turning the supposedly relaxing game into a chore.

Players who want to avoid these risks must focus on games they can afford, and avoid falling into sweet offers that will cost much in the future. It would be best if you also thought about your goal for playing. Some games give NFTs that you can trade with real money, but they need time to be sold. Play games that reward players with crypto coins if you want something fast-earning.

Play to earn games are the future of blockchain, crypto, and NFT technologies in the gaming world. However, they can be quite volatile and demanding, especially if you aim for big rewards. Make sure to consider your game options based on your goal and ability to pay for in-game purchases.

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