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NFT Marketplace, a Hotspot for Aspiring NFT Investors

In this era, there are many digital products that you can invest in. Oftentimes, those products offer a significant return. One of the newer hot topics in modern investment is NFT. An aspiring NFT investor is often suggested to start in the NFT marketplace if they want to dabble in this digital investment product.


What Does NFT Stand For? 


NFT is an acronym for non-fungible token. Non-fungible can be defined as being unique or irreplaceable. There is no other item similar to this special token. This meaning confuses a lot of people because some items sold as NFT (mostly digital arts) can be accessed by other digital users. Thus, what is non-fungible about NFT?

To make it easier to understand, let's take an example of Van Gogh's painting. Many infamous Van Gogh paintings like Starry Night are used in various items. You can even download a high-quality scan as phone wallpaper. Despite that, there can only be one owner of the original painting. This concept also applies to NFT.


What is NFT Marketplace 


Currently, there are many marketplaces that specialize in selling NFTs. Such a marketplace is a great spot for aspiring creators to sell their products. Creators can meet potential buyers in a safe transaction. Buyers also get a chance to invest in tokens they are interested in without complicated payment methods.

Here are some features you will likely find in a marketplace specializing in NFTs:

- Payment is usually done using crypto wallets.
- Tokens are auctioned, which means that buyers can bid the price.
- Terms of sales are explained through a smart contract between seller and buyer.
- The marketplace has additional features that are not unlike a regular marketplace, such as storefront and listing.


Biggest NFT Marketplace in The World Today


Understandably, many people are trying to establish their own marketplace for NFT, seeing how simple it is to do that. Nonetheless, there are certain marketplaces that are renowned globally today, such as:


1. Rarible


Rarible NFT Marketplace

Rarible focuses more on art-related assets. If you are interested in investing in digital arts, music albums, and even movies, this marketplace suits you perfectly. It has a game-like feature where frequent users can get a chance to win RARI tokens. This system really enhances people's experience in making the platform their primary marketplace.


2. AtomicMarket


Atomic NFT Marketplace

If you see an NFT being sold on AtomicMarket, you will see the same NFT being offered on other platforms. It is because the smart contract system is the same as some other marketplaces. This marketplace regularly blacklists accounts that look malicious.


3. KnownOrigin


KnownOrigin NFT Marketplace

Are you an art connoisseur? If so, you might have heard KnownOrigin. This platform enables artists to sell their works to people. The arts sold in this marketplace are usually in the form of .jpg or .gif. These files are on the IPFS. Transactions conducted on KnownOrigin are secured by the Ethereum blockchain.


4. OpenSea


Opensea NFT Marketplace

This NFT marketplace is said to be the biggest one in the past few years. There are many variations of NFT products sold in OpenSea, such as arts and website domains, that are resistant to censorship. A great feature offered by this marketplace seller's ability to set up fixed prices. The listing-related features are also very comprehensive.


5. Zora


Zora NFT Marketplace

Zora has a high sense of community. It used to be an invitation-only place but soon became an open platform. Creators receive plenty of ownership rights for their works when selling their products to Zora. Creators are encouraged to promote accessible works on this platform.


6. Enjin Marketplace


Enjin Marketplace NFT Marketplace

This is a fun marketplace to start your good NFT as investment journey. In Enjin Marketplace, you will be able to find various collectibles that are created by the community and even game items. The Enjin Wallet feature is very helpful because it not only allows users to make payments with Enjin Coin but also enables listing.

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7. Nifty Gateway


Nifty Gateway NFT Marketplace

Nifty Gateway is especially popular because many high-profile creators are selling their items here. Some bombastic prices you may have heard given for NFTs are probably coming from this platform. Creators in this marketplace still own a share of their creations, which is great.


NFT Marketplace Indonesia 


NFT in Indonesia is also growing. Thus, you can find some marketplaces dabbling in this type of token too in the country. Let's take a peek at some of them:


1. Baliola


Baliola NFT Marketplace

This marketplace is based on blockchain technology. Just as the name suggests, it is based in Bali and focuses on selling artworks created by Balinese artists. The development of this marketplace is supported by the local government in order to support local artists.


2. Enevti


Enevti Marketplace

Exclusivity might be the most featured value in Enevti. This platform tried to encourage people to purchase NFT products by offering exclusive utilities. People purchasing NFT products on this platform get the chance to receive exclusive content from the creators. And those contents are only accessible by the buyers.


3. TokoMall


Tokomall NFT Marketplace

TokoMall is an NFT Indonesia marketplace made for promoting local brands to international audiences. There are many products offered on this platform, including digital arts and some real-life products too. The marketplace is built on Binance Smart Chain. It also develops its own token, Toko Token, for the on-site transactions.


4. Kolektibel


Kolektibel NFT Marketplace

The main objective of its development is to promote the world of NFT to Indonesian people who are still wary of it. The system of Kolektibel is built on an Indonesian-based blockchain, Vexanium. This blockchain records every transaction that happens in Kolektibel. Thus, the security of your transaction is pretty high.


5. NFT Marketplace

This marketplace also emphasizes the importance of providing a space for creators to sell their works. People who purchase arts in this space get artworks that cannot be purchased in other places. It utilizes NEAR as the cryptocurrency so that collectors and creators can conduct transactions without issues.

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NFT has started to gain popularity in many countries, including Indonesia. People are starting to choose these digital investment products because they think it is fun. Some marketplaces selling NFTs have even gamified their systems to attract interest from users.

If you are interested in NFT investment, the NFT marketplace is a good starting point for you. It enables you to look for products easier. Transactions through marketplaces are generally safer as well. Each platform has its own features, so it can be your deciding factor in making a choice.

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