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What to Know About Pokemon NFT Before You Catch Them All

The expansion of the NFT market sees no end as more and more popular games are starting to incorporate non-fungible tokens technology in their existing system. This, of course, is a natural fit for the pop culture Pokemon. Pokemon NFT collections themselves have occasionally traded in the marketplace, but are they the official ones? Read on to learn about them.


Are There Any Official NFT Pokemon?

NFT is an exciting phenomenon with a bunch of potential worth exploring. More and more people become enthusiasts, creators of creative works, and investors in this non-fungible market. While NFT has a lot to offer, there seems to be a lack of clarity in certain divisions.

There have been a lot of projects claiming to be Pokemon NFTs spreading in the marketplace, which leads to some confusion among fans about whether or not they are real. To clear things out, none of those NFTs are official, and there is yet a single non-fungible work from Pokemon to this day.

This copyright issue nft is an everyday occurrence in the crypto world, and it has become so much worse in the NFT market. Developers of copyright infringement Pokemon projects typically hide behind the decentralized organizational structure. Luckily, they can be shut down at any time, and people need to avoid such types of NFTs.

How to Find Scam Pokemon NFT?

People in many NFT marketplaces often claim to be selling Pokemon non-fungible tokens. In actuality, there have not been any NFT from Pokemon at the moment. If one is not attentive enough, they will most likely end up being a victim of fraud. Spotting fraudulent acts is generally not a complex task. What you need to have is just some common sense.

OpenSea and other NFT markets typically do not verify sellers. To avoid imposter accounts, check the official sources of any NFT project you plan to buy. This includes the Pokemon one you desire. Also, check whether the account has a blue checkmark that indicates that OpenSea has verified it.

As you probably already know, NFT collections are not affordable. Therefore, it's always a good idea to conduct some thorough research about any project you would like to buy before making a final decision.

What is Pokemon NFT?

You must have already been aware of what NFT is. This modern phenomenon has made a presence in a wide array of industry sectors. So, it's not even a surprise knowing how the Pokemon franchise has become one of the hot topics among fans who also happen to be NFT enthusiasts.

Pokemon, an abbreviation of "Pocket Monsters," has been one of the most widely acclaimed Japanese brands for decades. Since its initial launch in the early 90s, Pokemon has become a pop culture phenomenon across the world that stretches out beyond its original RPGs, spawning a number of exceptional adaptations. These include anime, motion pictures, esports, and card games.

In addition, the Pokemon world has made an expansion that now has over 1,000 types of Pokemon monsters which probably only hardcore fans are able to identify each of those creatures. These creatures are collectible, which also becomes the primary appeal of this game. Fans trade them to each other in order to catch them all. That's why many people believe Pokemon NFT collections will be a huge hit.


Will Pokemon Make NFT?

The NBA has delved into the NFT rabbit hole by providing fans the ability to collect limited player cards. This has naturally opened up a new door of opportunities for games whose content has collectible nature, like Pokemon.

The Pokemon's immense popularity would allow Game Freak to earn a lot of revenue should they drop NFTs. However, there are also some downsides here. Pokemon creatures are made to be accessible, and acquiring them has long been a significant part of the game. If they were made to be non-fungible, it would change the initial nature of the game.

There has been no clear statement from Game Freak whether they plan to spread its wings to NFT or not. They would definitely profit handsomely if they developed a keen interest in this non-fungible world and started producing one. However, they should be ready to compromise a significant portion of their massive fanbase should that happen.


Where Can I Buy Pokemon NFT?

At the end of 2021, a user dropped NFTs for Pokemon on OpenSea under the account' ThePokemonCompany_'. They made an announcement of their NFT collections launch on a Twitter account named @POKEMONNFT_. Also, they had hundreds of Pokemon NFTs ready to be traded. However, those accounts are no longer active on both Twitter and OpenSea.

As previously mentioned, there are not any officially licensed NFT Pokemon collections at the moment. If you want to buy one, you will find plenty of options in various NFT marketplaces inspired by those works.

It would help if you were cautious when looking for Pokemon-like NFT collections because digital assets are never affordable. OpenSea is the most accessible market option to find what you are looking for. Aside from the NFT marketplace, some well-developed games that incorporate NFT technology also offer mechanics inspired by Pokemon.

Each of the available monsters in such games is regarded as a non-fungible token with increased scarcity. These Pokemon-inspired NFTs function relatively well enough, albeit they lack the appeal of the official Pokemon, but that remains acceptable.

The presence of Pokemon-inspired artworks on the NFT markets is more than enough to satisfy the fans' needs for the official one. But do all fans really want official Pokemon NFTs? The ones who are really clamoring for those collections are primarily those who have already invested heavily in the NFT world. The enthusiasm is not that much outside those individuals.

There even have not been NFT announcements from numerous major game developers since 2021. Naturally, the statement of the official Pokemon NFT collection release is unforeseeable. After all, NFTs are still in their early stages. No one can predict which game developer will join the bandwagon. Even if Pokemon were to drop NFTs, the community and fans might hardly welcome them for various reasons.


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