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The Blockchain’s Coolest Called Cool Cat NFT

From the looks of it, you will probably enjoy the view. That may happen if you are into cute animal pictures, especially cats. Since the breakthrough of Indonesian content creator Ghozali’s NFT pictures, the world has grown more interested in NFT and blockchain as a whole. Cool Cat NFT is one of the coolest examples of it these days.

What Is a Cool Cat NFT?

It is a collection of NFTs programmatically generated randomly on the Ethereum Blockchain. From more than 300,00 options, there are almost a thousand randomly assembled cats as the first generation.

Who Created Cool Cats?

These cats – well, people – would rather present themselves as aliases in the digital world. Tom Williamson is known as Xtremetom, while Rob Mehew is Lynqoid. The third person to complete this trio is Evan Luza, also known as ELU. The blockchain and the smart contract expert is xtremetron, while Lynqoid is the web developer and manager. ELU’s role in the trio is the creative director.

What Makes Cool Cat NFT Popular?


Cool Cat NFT Popular

It did not take long for Cool Cat NFT to have reached the third position – according to OpenSea’s ranking charts. Since its launch in July 2021, it has become one of the most exciting and famous brands in the world of NFT. The second place in the chart belongs to Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), while the number one spot belongs to CryptoPunks.

In short, these cool cats are still safe in the big 20s when it comes to generative avatar projects. The latest report on their revenue has shown that Cool Cat NFT is getting closer to USD 300 million. You will enjoy this lovely, vibrant community of these adorable blue cats. From online games, live events, unique polling systems to an ultra-secret project, you get to be part of a mission to innovate and push the NFT space forward.

Curious already? There are so many things that make Cool Cat NFT so popular and really cool. For starters, in the summer of 2021, after its launch, Cool Cat PFPs sold its first 300 NFTs. At that time, the price for each was 0.06 ETH, or about USD 150. The team had to lower the price down to 0.02 TH per mint, which was about USD 50 each at that time. The next thing they learned was the selling had taken only eight hours. The next day after that, the price for the NFTs sky-rocketed to 0.66 ETH, which was about USD 1,000 per mint. Of course, their popularity had also risen with the help of boxing legend Mike Tyson.

Tyson changed his Twitter PFP to a Cool Cat one. Not long after that, some other celebrities followed suit, like actress Reese Witherspoon, Alex Ohanian (the co-founder of Reddit and the husband of famous tennis athlete Serena Williams), and also DJ Steve Aoki. Another thing that makes Cool Cat NFT really cool and popular is that cat-people love this easily. Their tagline or slogan is even catchy – “We Like The Cats”. Like many cat-lovers who believe that close interaction with cats will always make them feel good, this community is also all about positivity.

The moment the trading began to pick up, a lot of NFT enthusiasts started feeling more confident with their options. The two factors which have driven them are the rising prices and the growing support from celebrities. If you are up to being part of the Cool Cat NFT, then welcome to the CoolCat Universe. Its entire ecosystem is called The CoolTopia. Here, you can find them in their official Twitter account, Discord channel, Cool Shop and marketplace, and many more. All of the owners can gather here and connect with each other.

According to the creators through their blog post, in The CoolTopia – CoolCat, users can have evolving access to a lot of cool things. For example, games, tokens, events, collaborations, and many more. In short, this is sort of a gamified NFT experience. There are an array of incentives for Cool Cat PFPs. For starters, they get an exclusive role in their Discord channel. They also gain access to airdrops, priority minting for all subsequent endeavors of Cool Cats, joining Cool Cats live events, and ownership of non-exclusive NFT.

What is even cooler, the Cool Cats website states that there is a 20 percent return from all their raised ETH back to the community. The return is gained through raffles, contests, and many more. Being part of this cool community means having your voice heard too. Isn’t that really amazing?

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Launching Cool Pets


Cool Pets

As mentioned earlier, Cool Cat NFT was first launched in July 2021. However, the release had gotten held back due to a number of issues. The first one is the bandwidth issues, which had postponed the release to December 2021.

Then, it turned out that they had made another plan to release it on January 28, 2022. Their original release date was actually January 26, 2022, which was two days before that. Unfortunately, they found something wrong in the Cool Pets code, which could have damaged the Pets minting process if it had not been fixed immediately.

Was January 28 really happening for the release of Cool Cat NFT? Unfortunately, another postponement had to be done. They had even allowed list checker, tokenomics breakdown, and Cool Pets merch to go live before the official release date.

Regarding the launch of Cool Cat NFT, these what has happened so far:

  • - January 31, 2022:
    The claiming of Cool Cats lasted for as long as there was still a reserved supply.
  • - January 31 – February 1, 2022:
    The list-minting was allowed on this timeline.
  • - February 1, 2022:
    Soon after the public minting began, Cool Pets were sold out.

This is the era of NFT and blockchain technology. As one of the coolest products this year, Cool Cat NFT is ready to rock your digital world. Check out their cool designs. Especially if you love cats so much, you may find one or more that will definitely suit your personality. Besides that, there is a lot more you can do here.

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