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Why You Need To Consider Mana Coin As Future Investment

NFT is a brand new game for many people from various backgrounds. If you are up for your digital adventures while earning some dough in the process, it is time to consider Mana Coin as your future investment.


What Is Mana Coin?


For starters, the Mana token is used for purchasing goods and services in Decentraland. This digital asset token is built on Ethereum by the ERC20 standard for tokens. You can buy and sell Mana tokens for flat currency or other digital currencies. Moreover, Mana tokens can be stored in a crypto wallet and custodian like Gemini.

Talking about Mana Coin also means talking about Decentraland. Decentraland is a 3D virtual world browser-based platform. This is where users can purchase virtual plots of land on the platform as NFTs. They use Mana cryptocurrency for that.

Besides talking about Decentraland, do not forget the man behind it, Ariel "Ari" Meilich. He is the co-founder and COO of Sandbox, another decentralized gaming virtual world. As the Decentraland co-founder, Meilich works together with a team of gaming industry heavyweights. They have launched Big Time Studios. Meilich is also the President of Blockchain Game Alliance. Further, he advocates for #NFTs and blockchain in games.

Meilich did not craft Decentraland by himself. His partner, Esteban Ordano, has also taken part in founding this platform. The Argentinian duo have been developing Decentraland since 2015. At its first launch in 2017, parcels of digital land were sold for about $20. The Mana tokens were sold for about $0.02. Genesis City was the first map created there, from 90,601 parcels of land.

In short, Decentraland is an NFT game platform which is currently on the rise. After the trend of e-sports, more virtual gamers are seeking to earn some fortunes, not just all about fun and games. Decentraland makes that possible.

Why is Mana famous today in cryptocurrency? Users get to obtain these tokens from cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance or Huobi Global. It is a good investment in 2022. Still, all cryptocurrency traders must know how to be careful with their decisions. No matter how good it looks, cryptocurrency still tends to be volatile and not always predictable.

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Does Mana Coin Have Potential?


Does Mana Coin Potential

So, how much is Mana Coin worth? Currently, this is their market cap:


  • - Decentraland Price - $0.8607
  • - 24 Hour Low / 24 Hour High - $0.8367 / $0.8788
  • - Trading Volume (per 24 Hour) - $134,965,887.75 or 20.52%
  • - Volume / Market Cap – 0.0848
  • - Market Dominance – 0.16%


So, what is the future prediction of Mana Coin? Will Mana's price reach $ 8 in 2022? Currently, its circulating supply is about 1.85B MANA. The top cryptocurrency exchanges for Mana are Binance, OKEx, Upbit, CoinTiger Exchange,, Bithumb, Kraken, Bitfinex, and Bittrex.

Mana is also in the 32nd position on CoinMarketCap. Based on Keltner's Analysis in Coinquora, Mana may get bullish in some days, knowing that the price is in the channel's first half from the bottom. Still, the price may also get bullish in the long term since top cryptocurrency platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum are already experiencing the recent bullish run.

The RSI (Relative Strength Index) value of one Day chart is 47.25. This means there is a neutral trend in Mana between 30 and 50. Because of this value, there is a trigger for a bullish run. This happens because more buyers are repositioning as the value is drifting further from 30, which is the oversold region of RSI value.


How Users Can Invest In Mana Coin


Mana Coin is pretty much versatile. Anyone gets to buy Mana on almost plenty of cryptocurrency exchange platforms, such as Binance, Coinbase, and eToro. Once you purchase Mana, you can invest in the project. Another thing that you can do is to provide input regarding how Decentraland is run.

There are ways to do that. If you would like to start from Kraken, here is how:


  • - Sign up for an account on Kraken. Enter an email address and create a username. Do not forget to set up a strong password account.
  • - Verify your account.
  • - Start depositing your cash. It will be converted into cryptocurrency automatically once you use it to purchase any bitcoin.
  • - Start purchasing Mana.


In Decentraland, you can also get to join communities of virtual land owners. You can create your own scenes, artworks, challenges, and more. You can start from the simple Builder tool, then join events to win some prizes. If you are already an experienced creator, check out the SDK, which provides the tools to help you to create social games and applications.

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What Is The Future of Decentraland?


Future of Decentraland

Mana Coin from Decentraland is something to consider regarding future investment. There is an expectation of a long-term increase. The prognosis for Decentraland price in 2027 is $15.23. If we would like to count for the next five years of investment, the expected revenue is about +368.1%. This means it looks suitable for a profitable investment.

The prediction is in line with the growing trend of blockchain users in cryptocurrency trade. Virtual gamers and real-life architects and builders might also be interested in this. Imagine this, the virtual lands they design will inspire them to replicate the real deal in real life. They can even trade their plots of virtual land with other users.

Of course, let's not get too excited just yet. Users need to learn how to avoid unnecessary loss of money. For this, it is best to take precautions as they invest in crypto.

There is speculation on the Mana Token to reach an average value of $5.1 by the year 2022. The forecast prediction from Decentraland is that Decentraland will hit the $12 mark in five years.

Another reason you should consider Mana Coin as your future investment is its assured speed. It is safe for users to rely on, thanks to its safety in speed. Once again, since it is easy to find options to purchase a Mana Token, you can definitely consider this your future investment.

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