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Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto, The Creator of Bitcoin?

There are many versions of the identity inventor of Bitcoin. The most popular version mentions the figure of Satoshi Nakamoto as the person who created Bitcoin.

The truth of the identity is still mysterious. According to some information, Satoshi Nakamoto is considered just a pseudonym. In 2008, Satoshi mentioned the term digital bitcoin in a publication of nine white papers. 

A few months later, Satoshi collaborated with online developers and coding to release Bitcoin software to the public. Along with the popularity of Bitcoin, it is known that Satoshi's involvement in the cryptocurrency world is very dominant.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Satoshi Nakamoto Meme

Satoshi Nakamoto, an expert in Computer Science, is said to be a digital currency expert who was born around 1974-1977. Nakamoto's identity itself is an Asian of non-Japanese descent. Satoshi Nakamoto has had an important role in the development of Bitcoin since it was first launched. He worked on the first version of the software in 2009. 

Nakamoto's involvement with Bitcoin ended in 2010. The undiscovered identity of Nakamoto has led to a lot of significant speculation regarding Nakamoto's identity, especially as the cryptocurrency has increased in popularity.

Satoshi's performance was so visible in Bitcoin's early years that it made users wonder who Satoshi Nakamoto was. He communicates to Bitcoin users using email messages so that it is not easy to find out his real identity.

Therefore, there has been significant speculation about Nakamoto's identity as the cryptocurrency continues to grow. The following are some of the people who have been thought to be the original Nakamoto, although they have not been significantly proven.

1. Dorian Nakamoto


Dorian Nakamoto

An academic and engineer in California, Dorian Nakamoto is credited as the creator of Bitcoin. The statement appeared in a Newsweek article in March 2014. 

Dorian never confirmed that he was the real Satoshi. However, Newslatter's journalistic side continues to seek the truth. Finally, in 2014 it was proven that Dorian was not Satoshi.

2. Finney Hal


Finney Hal

One of the pillars of the Bitcoin cypherpunk movement is Finney. Therefore, there is speculation that he is Satoshi. Finney is active in the Bitcoin community, being the first to accept transactions.

People speculate Finney is the Satoshi because he lived in the same city as Satoshi Nakamoto, namely Temple City. Finney is the first Bitcoin miner, but that doesn't show the truth that he is the real Satoshi.

3. Nick Szabo


Nick Szabo

Szabo, a cypherpunk who can hypnotize the digital currency Bitgold, is considered Satoshi because his writings related to bitcoin are similar to those written by Satoshi Nakamoto.

One of his writing similarities, Nick's article was compiled with the open-source platform Latex. Nick has always denied that he is the creator of Bitcoin. However, there are still many cryptography industry players who still think of him as Satoshi. Until now, Nick is still developing crypto assets and Blockchain from his creative ideas.

Regardless of the authenticity of Nick Szabo as Nakamoto or not, it is undeniable that Szabo has done a lot to support the development of crypto-assets and blockchain technology.

4. Craig Wright


Craig Wright

Craig Wright is an Australian computer scientist who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto. He claims to be the investor of bitcoin. In his confession, he teamed up with Dave Kleiman to create bitcoin.

The statement is supported by Gavin Andresen, the director of the Bitcoin Foundation, who did the initial programming work in Bitcoin. Andresen believed beyond a doubt that Wright was indeed Satoshi.

However, many people still need conclusive evidence about the truth of Wright's statement. Finally, Kaminsky, a security researcher, stated that Wright was not the real Satoshi, and this is supported by some evidence.

This Is Where It All Started


Satoshi Nakamoto Art
No one cared too much about Satoshi's identity in the early years of bitcoin's emergence. At that time, Bitcoin was not considered profitable by users.

In 2009, Bitcoin was popular with users since it brought huge profits. Many people began to realize the presence of Nakamoto, who sent digital messages about cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. This is where it all started. Bitcoin users began to question Satoshi's identity and whereabouts.

Let's Dig Into The History Of Satoshi Nakamoto

Today bitcoin is worth more than US$1 trillion, which makes Bitcoin users increase. However, there is still a mystery about the creator of bitcoin. Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Satoshi's name was first known on October 31, 2008. At that time, Nakamoto emailed a nine-page article to a cryptographer's group in the form of bitcoin. When he declared himself quitting Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto's Wallet was predicted to have one million Bitcoins, more than 43 billion US dollars.

Then, the name Sathosi reappeared among cryptographers in January 2009. At that time, he founded a network, Mr. Finney's network. It is the network used for remote bitcoin transactions. 

For the first two years, the name bitcoin grew in popularity. But, in December 2010, Satoshi sent an email message to the developer saying he stopped posting various publicly and stopped working with bitcoin developers in 2011.

In public and private messages written by Nakamoto, no one discussed matters relating to personal information such as biographies. The thing he shared was about the bitcoin code. Therefore, until now, Nakamoto's name remains a secret.

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Where is Satoshi Nakamoto Now?

Satoshi had sent a message to Bitcoin developers on April 26, 2011, but what was in it was less clear. Satoshi officially quit Bitcoin, removed his name from copyright claims in the software, and handed over the code.

In June 2011, Bitcoin was transferred to Andresen at the CIA. This gave rise to new speculation that Natamoto's disappearance was due to not being involved in the CIA. In fact, it is unknown why Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared from the Bitcoin world. Nakamoto's last statement did not explain any reason, only stated that he had stopped in the bitcoin world.

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