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Web3 Week Recap: Token Innovations, Game Unveilings, and More


In the dynamic realm of Web3, the past week has been abuzz with exciting developments, ranging from token evolution to game launches and events that have stirred the online gaming community. Here's a snapshot of the noteworthy occurrences shaping the digital universe.


Token Evolution

MegaWorld's MEGA Token: MegaWorld has upped the ante by integrating MEGA into its marketplace. This game token empowers users to carry out all in-game transactions solely with the MEGA token, eliminating the need for other blockchain tokens.


Chibi SBTs by MetalCore: MetalCore is considering introducing Chibi SBTs (Soulbound Tokens) as enduring proof of participation for holding wallets. Eligibility for a Chibi involves two snapshots: one based on wallet contents on September 30, 2022, and another on August 15, 2023.


Latest Sale Dates

Illuvium's Beyond Wave 2 Sale: Illuvium enthusiasts can mark their calendars for the Beyond Wave 2 sale. Kicking off on August 15, 2023, the Alpha sell phase will persist for 24 hours. The extended run sale phase will follow on August 16, lasting until November 15, 2023.


Spider Tanks' "The Soldier": Gala Games' Spider Tanks, a sought-after battle arena game, will soon introduce a new tank known as "The Soldier." Geared for long-range annihilation, its supply will be released on August 15 at 12 p.m. PT.


NFT Offerings and Updates

The Sandbox's Elvis Presley Avatar NFT: The Sandbox thrilled fans by launching the official Elvis Presley Avatar NFT. This offering spans four rarity levels and starts at an initial price of $41, mintable on the Polygon network.


RugDollz's "Cyborgs and Ninjas" Collection: On August 9th, RugDollz injected fresh vigor into the gaming landscape with its "Cyborgs and Ninjas" NFT collection. These digital gems, priced around $30 on the Ethereum Network, enrich the PvP gaming experience.


Kepler's Upcoming NFT Minting: Kepler, the forthcoming space-themed MMORPG, commenced its 'allowlist' for NFT minting on August 7. Aspiring participants can link their wallets, securing eligibility for the impending minting process.


Alpha and Beta Updates

My Pet Hooligan's Alpha 2.0 Turbo Patch #1: The immersive My Pet Hooligan, already in early access on Epic Games, has unveiled Alpha 2.0 Turbo Patch #1. Players can now savor novel features amplifying the gameplay experience.


Genesis League Sports' Beta Test for Genesis League Goals: Genesis League Sports, a derivative of Splinterlands, has initiated a beta test for Genesis League Goals, providing players with a first taste of this tactical football simulation game.


Phantom Galaxies' Collectors of Glory Beta Release: Phantom Galaxies introduced Collectors of Glory, marking the third phase of its beta release. Accessible to holders of specific tokens and titles, this phase extends for roughly a month.


Upcoming Game Launches

The World of Elymnias' "Eldarune — WoE" Dungeon: The curtain rises on The World of Elymnias' anticipated game mode, offering an odyssey into dungeons, battles, and rewards that beckon exploration.


Stella Fantasy's Mobile Version Launch: August brings forth the mobile version of Stella Fantasy, an anime-inspired ARPG. A Retweet event offers a chance to snag exclusive in-game NFT items.


Mahjong Meta's Official Release: Mahjong Meta, championing the traditional game, unveiled its official release on August 7, following a well-received Open Beta phase.


Thrilling Seasons and Events

NFT Battle Miners' Shadow Depths Season: NFT Battle Miners ushers in the Shadow Depths season, brimming with over $10,000 in prizes. The season pass goes on sale ahead of the launch.


Sunflower Land's Crypto Unicorns Crossover Event: The Web3 agricultural simulator Sunflower Land intertwines with Crypto Unicorns in a two-week crossover event.


Earn Alliance's Partnership with Immutable Ecosystem: Earn Alliance joins forces with the Immutable Ecosystem, fortifying access to secured mints, NFTs, and more in the Ethereum Network.


Gala Games and Elixir Games Launch Gala Chain: Gala Games and Elixir Games forge Gala Chain, a blockchain network within the ecosystem, enriching the Web3 gaming experience.


In this bustling week of Web3 endeavors, token revolutions, game debuts, and expansive events have fueled the fire of innovation and collaboration in the gaming cosmos. As the horizon expands, enthusiasts and creators eagerly anticipate the next wave of transformative developments.

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