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Waxp Coin Is A Good Deal. Here's Why


There are already many options when it comes to cryptocurrency. With different blockchain-based platforms come different benefits of investment.

How about the WAXP Coin?


What Is The WAXP Coin?


WaxP Coin Logo

WAXP Coin is produced by The Worldwide Asset eXchange. WAX is the most used blockchain ecosystem worldwide for NFTs, video games, and digital transactions. Here, you undergo the most convenient and secure way to make, sell, purchase, and trade virtual and physical items to anyone and anywhere globally.

It is no surprise that WAX is dubbed “The King of NFTs”. This leading NFT network has successfully become the facilitator for millions of trades in NFTs from many significant global partners. Some of the famous names include Topps (Major League Baseball), Funko, Capcom (the creator of the famous, all-time favorite game to many – “Street Fighter”), Atari, and Sony’s Funimation.

Other collaborations include Blockbuster movies like “Princess Bride” and SAW, and also globally-known entertainers such as DeadMau5, American rock band Weezer, actor, host, and TV personality William Shatner and many more.

What makes WAX different from other blockchain technology-based platforms is their innovation called Virl@NFTs, a host of dynamic functionality. With this feature, you can have video game or app integrations, v-commerce capabilities, and marketing tools. This is how you can link this feature to real-world items. It means you get to pass on the proprietorship without the need to physically have things shipped until the collector who purchases them is ready to claim them.

Each Virl@NFT is so NFT environmentally-friendly. It is minted on carbon-neutral WAX Blockchain and the energy-efficient.

Speaking of WAX also means mentioning its creators, William Quigley and Jonathan Yantis. Quigley is a venture capitalist from California, USA. He co-founded WAX in September 2021. His working partner, Jonathan Yantis, is also a co-founder and CEO of QuicksortRx, a software solution to make the healthcare industry more cost-effective.

In 2022, the prediction for the maximum price of WAX will be only $0.42. Knowing the Covid-19 pandemic, which has been going on since 2020, this has been expected. Of course, this would not last long.

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How Much Is WAXP Coin Worth?


Chart WaxP Coin

So, how much is a WAXP Coin worth? According to WAX Price Statistics in CoinMarketcap, here it is:

  • WAX Price - $0.1044
  • 24 Hour Low / 24 Hour High - $0.1006 / $0.1054
  • Trading Volume (in 24 Hours) - $14,784,456.68 or 4.08%
  • Volume / Market Cap – 0.06696
  • Market Dominance – 0.02%


Is WAXP Coin A Good Investment?


Investing WaxP Coin

Multiple factors can turn WAXP Coin into a good investment in the future. For starters, they have such a vast community. Other factors that WAX owns include strong fundamentals, integrations with other institutions, and many more.

If 2021 was the beginning of the cryptocurrency breakthrough, then 2022 is its growing trend. Many people have rushed to cryptocurrency trading like children going after the newest toys. This is a natural reaction since humans are always interested in something they have never seen or tried before.

Per February 2021, the circulating supply of WAX coins is 1,513,825,734 tokens. The maximum supply of WAX coins is 3,770,303,327 WAXP. Indeed, as mentioned earlier, their market cap is 0.06696.

The year 2021 was like a rollercoaster ride for the cryptocurrency world. In August 2021, the high demands for NFT caused the crypto value to rise. The WAX's unique tools and services have attracted many people. Despite the slip after that, October 2021 showed that their value just bounced back and went up again.

December 2021 showed the bullish sign in the cryptocurrency world. Yes, the WAX price initially dropped significantly, with WAX sell indication. However, big names like Ethereum, Solana, and Dogecoin got to have their glory days. Despite the pandemic that was still going on, there was a 5% surge in the last crypto trading sessions.

This year in 2022, WAX is predicted to have reached $ 0.42 due to the post-pandemic moment. However, the prediction for the year 2023 seems to be looking up even more. There is a possibility that the number will rise to $ 0.54. Still, knowing how volatile cryptocurrency trading can sometimes be, it is best to take precautions while investing.

This is why by the end 0f 2023, the WAX price prediction drops to $ 0.51. However, WAX might be having another rollercoaster ride in cryptocurrency trading. By 2024, it is predicted that their price will rise back up again to $ 0.59. Meanwhile, the end of 2024 might be even better with the prediction of another rise – this time to $ 0.62. If we measure the probability, the minimum price for WAX will be $ 0.37, while the maximum price will be $ 0.58.

By 2025, the prediction for WAX token price is looking even better. It will be $ 0.65, and the end of this year will probably be relatively stable with a slight hump of $ 0.66. This means their market cap makes it possible for users to start earning a profitable investment from WAXP tokens.

The measurement for the 2025 prediction will be $ 0.66 as WAX’s maximum price, while their minimum price will be $0.52. The year of 2026 might be looking even further up, with the WAX price prediction going as far as $2 – which is the highest of all projections so far. Their minimum price will be around $0.49.

Lastly, if we fast-forward the prediction to 2030, the number will probably go up as high as $5.01. Sounds promising, eh? As usual, we shall see.

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How Users Can Invest In WAXP Coin

So, where can we buy our WAXP Coin? The good news is that you can purchase these tokens on the most popular crypto exchanges such as Crypto, Binance, Huobi Global, HitBTC, Upbit, Bitfinex, Bithumb, and many more. Their WAX ROI is -51.45% per July 2022.

For example, this is how you buy WAXP through Binance:

  • Create an account on Binance.
  • Choose your payment method to buy WAXP. Do not forget to deposit some cash.
  • Choose WAXP that you want to purchase and pay for them.

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What Is The Future of WAXP?

The answer? Looking good. We may say that this coin will continue to rise year by year. 

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