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Very Safe! Top 10 Crypto Exchanges Worldwide!

Now, investing can be done at any time. In addition to investing using gold and stocks, investing with crypto money is also currently popular. Start knowing the best crypto exchanges to do profitable trading business. The crypto exchange provides users with features to sell and buy tokens and digital currencies such as Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

It is essential to know factors in choosing a currency exchange, such as fees, security, supporting assets, and crypto payment methods. It helps in trade without loss.


Crypto Exchanges Platforms 2022

Choosing crypto exchanges must be good so as not to risk loss. Let's know the recommended crypto exchange platforms.


1. Coinbase (USA)


Coinbase Crypto Exchanges

Coinbase is a crypto exchange platform for beginners. Many users trust Coinbase as the best platform to run a trading business. As an iOS and Android digital platform, Coinbase for buying and selling currencies makes it easy for users to monitor them from one place. Of course, it will not harm the user. Digital assets are stored online because all USD cash balances are protected by FDIC insurance so that they can provide safe transaction services.


2. (USA) Exchanges is an application that buys crypto with genuine buying and selling prices. It is profitable for its users.  The platform is the best mobile crypto exchange with investment trading and digital asset trading features. Users can access all features quickly using an android phone.

This Crypto exchange app provides many products, even more than 250 cryptocurrencies. It provides a variety of cryptocurrency products that generate profits.


3. Wazirx (India)


Wazirx Crypto Exchanges

Wazirx is the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange. This crypto exchange platform uses the fiat currency USDT with an automatic order matching system. Wazirx has excellent features for trading, namely trading reports which will provide reports automatically to traders. In addition, the platform also has a Smart Token Fund feature as a method to find traders who are willing to trade investors' portfolios.


4. CoinSwitch (India)


CoinSwitch Crypto Exchanges

CoinSwitch is a platform that has integrated a lot of the leading exchanges. This platform provides the best exchange rates for its users. Currency exchange is comparing the prices of cryptocurrencies in real-time. The user will pay to make a transaction depending on the exchange selected for the transaction.

Using the CoinSwitch platform, users can exchange their digital funds on any partner exchanges like ShapeShift, KuCoin, Changelly, Bittrex, Cryptopia, Evercoin, and Changer. Users do not need to create an account on any of these exchanges. 


5. Zipmex (Singapore)


Zipmex Crypto Exchanges

Zip me is a trading best crypto exchange for currencies, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, USDC, USDT, Chainlink, Swipe, Enjin Coin, Coin Maker, and other crypto assets with the best prices and low spreads. The platform provides a high level of security on Z Wallet for its users to avoid hacking attacks from irresponsible parties. Not only that, this platform guarantees user security with international standards, namely ISO 27001:2013.


6. Gemini (Singapore)


Gemini Crypto Exchanges

Gemini is the most secure Bitcoin and Ether exchange platform because it has features that protect user assets from hackers. The exchange platform accepts fiat USD currency and digital assets, such as BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, BAT, and LINK. The buying and selling process is easy because of the options and user-friendly steps. The Exchange platform offers advanced marketplace features.

Transaction fees on Gemini are low for exchanging assets. Cryptocurrency transactions and wire deposits are free of charge. Besides, the first 30 withdrawals each month are also free of charge.


7. Indodax (Indonesia)



Indodax is the largest crypto exchange platform in Indonesia. The working principle of this platform is to charge a fee for certain transactions. You can use the crypto wallet provided by Indodax for transaction purposes.  Creating an Indodax wallet is also easy and free of charge, namely through the official Indodax VIP website.

Free transactions when depositing rupiah and trading using the maker system. Meanwhile, transactions subject to fees are withdrawal of rupiah funds and trading via the email taker system. Indodax has implemented multi-factor authentication (2FA) protection so that transactions made by users are safe. In addition, there is a Stop Loss feature that makes it easy for users to monitor price developments to trigger automatic trading.


8. Toko Crypto (Indonesia)


Toko Crypto Crypto Exchanges

Tokocrypto deserves to be used as the best consideration for beginners to make transactions for buying and selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The currency used in making transactions is the rupiah. Feature chart analysis shows transaction history and allows traders to analyze prices technically.

In addition, the One Cancels the Other (OCO) feature is available to sell and buy at a specific moment at the same time. It is easier to limit and stop limit orders and reduce losses while maximizing profits.


9. Satang (Thailand)


Satang Crypto Exchanges

Satang is the most trusted digital asset exchange platform in Thailand because it is safe and supported by insurance.  A currency exchange caters to the trading needs of the growing professional and retail market. Satang is committed to providing security, speed, and transparency in investing.

There are features of free withdrawal fees from the world's largest crypto exchange as refunds of withdrawal fees when depositing from crypto exchanges. This exchange platform already has international information security standards ISO 27001 & ISO 27701 and is also approved by the Thai SEC with blockchain technology.


10. PDAX (Philippines)


PDAX Crypto Exchanges

PDAX Exchange Philippines is cost-effective. Users don't convert fiat to USDT before trading. So, price buying and selling crypto are cheaper, without the fear of fluctuating spread and conversion costs. You don't have to worry about exchanging on PDAX because it is certain that the transaction is safe. This exchange platform support all Crypto products. The world's most popular cryptocurrencies. Such as ETH,  Bitcoin, and XRP.

In the modern era, you have to be creative in investing. By choosing the best crypto exchanges for investment, you have the opportunity to become a millionaire and even a billionaire.


However, you need to know that crypto investing also has risks. So, make sure to understand the basics of cryptocurrency investing.

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