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Very Easy! 6 Ways on How To Become NFT Creator!

Want to become a trustworthy NFT maker? To earn revenue, you must learn a lot from NFT professionals. Here are 6 steps on how to become NFT creator and a brief explanation to guide you to become the best.

1. Understand How NFT Works


How NFT Work

The first step is to comprehend how NFT functions. If you want to be an NFT creator but have no understanding of how NFT works, you will fail. Keep in mind that NFT is not the same as cryptocurrency, which has something special or identical in each one of its coins. NFT is a digital asset that can be sold and has a uniqueness that is different from one another.

The blockchain may be used to store NFTs. However, there are some cases where the files are not truly saved on the place named blockchain. The link and the token that serve as a proof of purchase for the link destination are stored together. The danger is that there are no rules against owning an NFT with the same files. Thus, there is nothing preventing someone from exploiting your NFT file to create a new NFT.

You could legally offer any digital file as NFT, but you'll be confined to the form supported by the market's basic printing tools. As a result, deciding what type of NFT to sell is significant. Images, movies, and audio recordings are examples of the NFT format. However, understanding what you want and understanding what you will do is the key in this step.

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2. Consider Gas fee


Gas Fee NFT

Every activity on the Ethereum blockchain necessitates the payment of a gas cost to the miners. Just make sure that the majority of deals are likely to succeed. Keep in mind that you will not stop paying for gas; you can just pay again and again for things you are not sure you can get. However, if there is trouble and your transaction has not been finalized, you won't receive your money back.

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3. Decide NFT Marketplace to Sell


Binance NFT Marketplace


Do you need to create NFT on the marketplace site? No, absolutely not. You can write your own blockchain network, put them in the blockchain of your choice, and then use them to earn your coins by yourself.  There are numerous NFT or NFT markets. However, Ethereum is still used by the majority, while others utilize alternative blockchain standards. So, you must set a goal for yourself to decide where to sell your NFT.

There are open and closed NFT marketplaces. Even if you're waiting for a closed platform to accept your application, it's usually advisable to develop your initial NFT on an open platform. If neither of these systems fits your needs, consider AtomicHub, which utilizes the Wax blockchain, or Solana-based Solsea.

Two marketplaces that are safe for beginners because you don't pay anything are OpenSea and Rarible. Both marketplaces have a "lazy minting" system that allows you to create NFTs. To minimize selling fees, the item is available to offer but not posted on the blockchain. Here, anyone can make NFT.  Other marketplaces are pickier about which content makers they let utilize their platforms. For example, you can't just make digital art and expect to sell it on Async Art.

However, both OpenSea and Rarible will deduct 2.5%  from each sale, so if you sell NFT for 0.030 ETH, you will receive 0.02925 ETH. Additionally, there are Ethereum blockchain options. If you join up with the Blocto wallet, Rarible will allow you to offer NFT on the Flow blockchain (NBA Top Shot used), and OpenSea will allow you to trade on the Polygon blockchain. Both solutions offer substantially lower costs than utilizing the blockchain of Ethereum. 

4. Set Up A Wallet


Create Account in Metamask Wallet

When it comes to how to become NFT creator, setting up your e-wallet is essential since you will require some bitcoins as your upfront investment. You may also use crypto wallets to connect your digital possessions. Metamask, Enjin Wallet, Math Wallet, Trust Wallet, and Coinbase are some of the most popular digital wallets. After creating a virtual wallet, it's time to acquire some cryptocurrencies. The majority of NFT markets accept Ether, a cryptocurrency created by Ethereum, one of the most popular blockchain applications.

5. Connect Your Wallet


Connect Account Metamask Wallet

Unless you have a cryptocurrency, now is the moment to make your virtual wallet connect with it so that you may generate and trade NFTs with it. Rarible and OpenSea are examples of the simple platform since you just need to click the "Create" button on the upper left corner to access your e-wallet.

In order to transfer traditional payments in and out of your crypto wallet, you must also link your bank account to your crypto wallet account. However, you must be cautious of scammers. If you get an unknown request to access your e-wallet, refuse it since this is one method by which fraudsters attempt to gain access to your NFT.

6. Create Your NFT


Create a NFT

Now is the time to start working on your own NFT. Once your wallet is connected, go to the top right of the Opensea and Rarible platforms and click the Create button. In Opensea, just go to the NFT creation page, and the NFT you make will be placed in an unidentified collection when you don't pick one. Click the top-right profile photo, my collection, and create a collection while on Rarible. You might sell NFT singles without a collection on Rarible.

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Those are the 6 steps that you must master before you decide to become an NFT creator. An NFT creator can be anybody out there. When you're a newcomer to the blockchain world, creating an NFT might be frightening, but it's simple if you grasp the keys of NFT. However, a strong intention will produce something great. Continue exploring and understanding these 6 steps on how to become NFT creator.

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