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Vee Friends NFT: One Step Closer to the Gary Vee's NFT World

Vee Friends NFT has been one of the most widely talked about NFT collections available in the market today. Tied to the brand of media mogul Gary Vaynerchuk aka Gary Vee, the NFTs have continually influenced the greater non-fungible token community. Yet, who is Gary Vaynerchuk? What is actually the Vee Friends collection? Let's delve into the following details.

Getting to Know Gary Vaynerchuk


Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk, also popularly known as Gary Vee, is a media mogul, serial entrepreneur, and investor. He began his career as a wine critic and is now the chairman of VaynerX, a communications agency based in New York. His estimated net worth is around $200 million, for he is also the CEO of VaynerSports and VaynerMedia.

Gary Vee is well-known for being an early investor in a number of tech giants, including Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. Over the past 2021, he joined the craze of NFT and went straight from a collector to an NFT creator. He even launched Vayner NFT, a platform to accommodate brands and celebrities with the launch of their non-fungible collections.

In May 2021, Gary Vee dropped his Vee Friends collection, which raised more than $20 million during the first launch alone. Since then, his collections haven't stopped growing in popularity. For this reason itself, Gary Vee is deemed one of the most influential figures in the NFT ecosystem, whose position grows stronger with each development of his NFTs.

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What is Vee Friends NFT


Gary Vaynerchuk with VeeFriends NFT

As mentioned above, Vee Friends is Gary Vee's non-fungible collection. His brand covers Book Games, Mini Drops, and the upcoming Series 2 collection, in which the first collection started with 10,255 tokens and 268 characters. 

In the Series 1 collection, there is one set of tokens considered special called Gary Originally Owned (GOO). Nearly 12% of the total supply, or equal to 1,242 tokens, was in the hand of Gary Vee. As a result, Series 1 originally only had 9,013 non-fungible tokens.

Each of the characters in the Series 1 comes with its own alliterative names, such as Courageous Cockatoo, Empathetic Elephant, and Adventurous Astronaut. This unique naming convention clearly depicts Gary Vee's positive qualities in human beings, which he actualized in the forms of artworks all by himself.

You may be wondering why Gary Vee named his collection "Friends ."The media mogul strongly believes that doing business with friends can be a lot of fun. Vee Friends is not merely a digital collectible project; it's an intellectual property empire he will keep working on for years to come.

To this day, the initial Vee Friends collection has successfully produced more or less 49,000 ETH or equals to almost $160 million on OpenSea. This success is not without reason; this NFT collection is basically all about utility and accessibility with two major selling points:

•    VeeCon – The holders of Vee Friends NFT who have a VeeCon NFT ticket are eligible to attend the Vaynerchuck conference, where the most influential names in the NFT community like Snoop Dogg nft and even Beeple attend. 
•    Real-life access to the creator – Some lucky holders of Vee Friends will get the chance to dine or play tennis with Gary Vee. Only around 108 of the 300 access token holders are able to meet with Gary Vee one-on-one.


What to Know About Vee Friends Series 2


VeeFriends Series 2

Gary Vee has recently expanded his Vee Friends community by dropping Series 2 on April 12. He revealed that the additional number of NFTs in the collection reaches 55,555, with each token worth $995 in Ethereum digital currency. 

Series 2 came with 251 characters, including 15 new additional characters and 236 from the previous collection. This new series is a bit different compared to its predecessor because its total supply was released in four batches: Friends List, free Series 2 claim, public mint, and 15 new characters drop.

Only specific qualified Book Games holders were eligible to join the Friends List to mint Series 2, which started on April 12. On the same date, the holders of Vee Friends Seris 1 were also able to claim a free NFT from Series 2, which corresponds to their first character.

On April 25, the public sale began with 10,000 NFTs of Series 2 available for purchase. Two days later, 15 brand new characters with 220 tokens for each were dropped one by one for 15 days. These new characters, however, were only available for Book Games holders.

Series 2 is a bit different from the initial collection. The holders of Vee Friends Series 2 will not get access to VeeCon. Instead, they will receive other incentives that can only be obtained within Gary Vee's NFT ecosystem. 

What's So Special About Vee Friends Collection

Holders of Vee Friends can state that they genuinely desire one of the original drawings of Gary Vee, regardless of whether they find those artworks artistically pleasing. Much like most things in this world, each NFT in Gary Vee's collection comes with its own importance and message, as well as metadata stored on-chain.

The approach Gary Vee employed is based on providing access and assistance to his community. As stated above, Vee Friends is all about access and utility. This means each non-fungible token will have different levels of access and functionalities through the smart contract that came with each investment. All these provide them with utility.

Gary Vee spent at least 15 years of his life conversing with people; his NFT collections will undoubtedly enable him to organize those interactions. The token he produced is the key that grants people access to the world of Gary Vee.

If you are asking whether Vee Friends NFT is legit, the most straightforward answer would be 'yes, it's legit. The collection provides its holders a community development, access, and of course, real-world application.

Besides, the creator himself has been considered by many as one of the many influential figures in the world of non-fungible tokens today. Vee Friends by Gary Vee is an excellent place to start if you plan to join an NFT community.

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