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Top Metaverse Crypto Coins That Investors Should Watch For

Metaverse helps unify the real and virtual world and is expected to grow in the future rapidly. The rise of its popularity is also supported by the fact that Facebook rebrands itself to Meta. Most of all, Metaverse's immersive online experience effectively endorses the existence of cryptocurrencies. So, for those who want to add your investment portfolio, here are worth-to-buy metaverse crypto coins.

10 Top metaverse crypto recommendations to look for

1. Decentraland


Decentraland Coin

Founded in 2017, it is a virtual reality platform where users can purchase acreages of LAND. You can create the plot by building whatever you like. Each plot of LAND is offered in 16 square feet. Meanwhile, there are only 90601 parcels available for use in building LAND.

Then, how does it work? The Decentraland ecosystem uses MANA as its native Token. The total supply for this crypto coin is 2.2 billion. To date, 1.8 billion tokens have circulated in its Metaverse. You can make money in metaverse.


2. Metahero 


Metahero Metaverse Coin

Another project that appears in the metaverse crypto list is Metahero. It focuses on using 3D scanning and creating HD avatars of real-world objects. The company has installed a scanning partition in Doha, which can scan an object and create a digital version. You can use the 3D format in Metahero space then. Metahero's native coin is called the HERO cryptocurrency. Although this project is relatively new, its market cap has already crossed $84.8 as of May 2022.


3. The Sandbox


The Sandbox Coin

As a direct competitor to Decentraland, the Sandbox is undoubtedly one of the best metaverse options to buy right now. The first game in the Sandbox universe was released earlier than Decentraland, in 2012. Since then, it has spread its wings to focus more on the Metaverse.

Like Decentraland, Sandbox also provides a native digital currency called SAND. According to CoinMarketCap's site, SAND was released for the first time in mid-2020 to the public at $0.051 per token. However, its value rose over 16,000% and touched $8.44 per token in November 2021.


4. Axie Infinity


Axie Infinity Coin

Another best cryptocurrency to invest in is Axie Infinity. For those who are oblivious of this project, it allows you to generate rewards by completing some game tasks. Built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, Axie Infinity provides a native token dubbed AXS. 

First released in early 2020, AXS opened at $0.15 per coin. However, this digital coin successfully skyrocketed to over $165 in November 2021. This coin's growth has increased by up to 110,000%.


5. Enjin Coin


Enjin Coin

Yes, there are many metaverse coin options in-game world, including Enjin. This platform allows users to store or manage their gaming items. Furthermore, Enjin provides a local token named ENJ. Players can use that digital coin to buy feature enhancements for their characters in the game.

Like Sandbox and Decentraland, it's also based on the Ethereum blockchain. When it was first released in 2017, investors only had to pay $0.017 per Token. Regardless, ENJ hit a price worth $4.85 per token during its growth.


6. Ethereum


Ethereum Coin

Talking about one of the top-rated metaverse cryptocurrency projects, Ethereum will come to the minds of any digital investment enthusiast. The reason is that Ethereum is the leading smart contract blockchain, making these virtual worlds function more securely and decentralized.

The market performance of the Ethereum digital currency, ETH, is also getting stronger. Any project that builds its ecosystem on this blockchain must use ETH coins for payments.

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7. Render Token


Render Token

Render is a platform that allows its users to share used GPU power taken from their dwelling devices. That GPU power can later be used to render visual effects or motion graphics, essential elements in building all metaverse projects. In exchange, the end-users will get a Render token (RNDR), the native digital currency on this platform.

First released in 2020, investors only need to pay $0.05 for one token. However, its price has skyrocketed to $8.76 per token, making it one of the potential metaverse crypto coins to invest in.


8. SushiSwap


Sushi Swap

The next Metaverse project that is worth investing in is SushiSwap. It is increasingly known for offering a popular decentralized exchange platform that enables users to sell or buy crypto without requiring a centralized third party. In addition, SushiSwap's extraordinary market cap achievement has further catapulted this project's reputation. In early 2022, SushiSwap's market capitalization touched $500 million.

Built-in Ethereum blockchain, this project also has its local Token, anointed SUSHI. The holders of these coins have the right to stake their tokens to receive a portion of the project's transaction fees or partake in community governance.


9. Illuvium



Founded in 2020, this open-world gaming platform has managed to steal the attention of gamers and crypto investors. Its native token was released in early 2021, which is called ILV. In its first release, investors had to pay $68 per token. However, the price hit a high point in its seventh month of release at over $2,800.


10. Duckie Land


Duckie Land Meta Token

Don't miss it! Duckie Land has become a Metaverse platform that provides very high earnings for its users and investors. In Duckie Metaverse, players can create cute customized characters, trade, farm, craft, or even build to get handsome rewards.

Regarding digital currency, Duckie Land provides two local tokens: MMETA and Wonderful Amazing Fantastic Excellent Reward Token or $WAFER. For those looking for a decentralized crypto coin, MMETA is the most suitable option because it is only distributed among stakeholders and players. On the other hand, another Duckie Land token, $WAFER, becomes a worth-to-invest in game currency to carry out various activities in the Duckie Metaverse, such as enhancing skills or creating more adorable Duckies.

That's our ultimate review of the best metaverse crypto coins. All of them, especially  Duckie Land, are worthy of your investment. 

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