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Top 10 Sources of Cryptocurrency Information to Rely On

Cryptocurrency has been a hot global topic that is constantly gaining traction right now. It's a reality no one can deny that more and more people are jumping down the cryptocurrency rabbit hole. Suppose you are interested in digging deeper into this crypto world. In that case, we will walk you through some of the best cryptocurrency information sources in the following discussions. 


Where Can I Get Reliable Crypto Information


Perhaps you are wondering why you should get the most reliable information sources that cover all crypto-related news. As you know, blockchain is an ever evolving industry. In the case of cryptocurrency, there has always been something new for miners and enthusiasts to look forward to. Therefore, these updates must be covered appropriately to offer people accurate information.

While crypto sites to get up-to-date information are innumerable, only the most authentic ones can provide you with the most reliable news. Below we have compiled some of the best sources.




Coindesk Crypto News Information

CoinDesk is easily one of the best crypto information websites available today. It began publishing in 2003 with topics that mostly revolve around business and technology; and has had considerable growth since then. 

CoinDesk has done an excellent job of providing readers with accurate news about the crypto industry. Whether you want to find any information on the price fluctuation or the new coin, CoinDesk got you covered.


2. CoinMarketCap


Coin Market Cap News Crypto

If you've been in the crypto industry for quite some time and require an analytical type of news site, CoinMarketCap is for you. The site covers market analysis, such as trading volumes, market cap, and price charts. You can also get access to information such as daily trading volumes and circulation coins.

This crypto news source comes with ICO tracing, enabling users to discover the new trending crypto. CoinMarketCap also covers other types of content; however, they mostly come as a “supplement” to the existing data.


3. Crypto Daily


Crypto Daily News

Finding an unbiased crypto new website nowadays can sometimes be a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. That's why you will need Crypto Daily at your disposal. The site covers various cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other popular currencies.

A substantial amount of metaverse and NFT-related content is also included. Additionally, the site provides a breaking news section to keep you informed about current news related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, to be precise. 


4. CoinTelegraph



CoinTelegraph is a dedicated news site that covers everything about crypto and blockchain. The provided articles are incredibly well-written and insightful. Also, they update news on a daily basis, so this is definitely one of the crypto news websites you can rely on.

What makes CoinTelegraph stand out among the rest is that they always include a comic strip art style in every article, no matter the topic. It doesn't only end there; CoinTelegraph is not exclusively reserved for English-speaking readers only. The site supports various languages, including Spanish, Brazilian, Japanese, etc. 


5. NewsBTC



As the name indicates, NewsBTC is your go-to news website about Bitcoin. While it primarily covers Bitcoin-related content, it also provides up-to-date news on other popular cryptocurrencies, such as Altcoin and Ethereum.

If you prefer opinion pieces, NewsBTC has a lot for you. All the articles are professionally written by crypto traders with years of experience. The good thing is that the content is delivered in a language that is incredibly easy to understand for newcomers. Want to get tips about crypto investment? NewsBTC has you covered.


6. Bitcoin Magazine


Bitcoin Magazine

The name says it all Bitcoin Magazine is one of your best cryptocurrency information sources to find everything related to Bitcoin. The founder of this publication is also the person behind the creation of Ethereum. So, it's understandable if it's regarded as a top-rated news source.

While it's started as a Bitcoin-only news site, it has now expanded to cover other digital currencies. The content provided is primarily focused on reviews, research, price analysis, and the likes.


7. CryptoSlate


CryptoSlate News

CryptoSlate is a well-known news website in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. The platform is built with the goal of providing accurate and transparent news so the readers can always obtain reliable content.

While it has just been around for five years, CryptoSlate has gained significant recognition in the crypto news industry. Aside from providing in-depth crypto-related news, CryptoSlate also includes content on crypto price rankings, events, and ICOs.


8. Bitcoinist



Don't let the name fool you because Bitcoinist not only provides well-written articles about Bitcoin. They also cover all of the popular digital currencies as well as their updates. As another best website for crypto news you can read, Bitcoinist also focuses on providing insightful content about the blockchain industry.

The name of this publication does not always indicate the content. Whether you are a beginner or advanced crypto user, Bitcoinist has a bunch of engaging articles to satisfy your thirst for knowledge about digital currencies.


9. Forbes



Who doesn't know this well-known magazine? Forbes covers a broad range of issues, including finance and economy, technology, lifestyle, and even some off-the-wall discussions. They also cover topics on cryptocurrency. While it's only a section of the site, it is relatively larger than the majority of crypto news websites.

What makes Forbes stand out is the crypto related strategies and advice presented in their articles. Furthermore, they also cover interviews with industry professionals and deliver their insightful opinions in engaging writings. If you want to learn more about the crypto industry from genuine experts, it's always worth checking this publication out.

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10. Invest in Blockchain


Invest in Blockchain News

Last but not least, Invest in Blockchain is another credible news outlet that strives to provide readers with factual information on everything about crypto and blockchain. It includes a wide variety of currency facts in the crypto market that are publicized in easy-to-read writings.

Investing in Blockchain is not only confined to the most recent news. Their website also includes several sections dedicated to articles, blogs, analysis, reviews, and many more. All writing is delivered in a manner that is easy to read by all crypto enthusiasts.


Cryptocurrency is an ever-evolving industry with fast-paced advancements. To keep yourself informed with all updates, you need to have a reliable news outlet you can always rely on. The list of the best cryptocurrency information sources above is the popular ones in the industry. They can be your go-to news platforms whenever you require insight about crypto.

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