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Things You Need To Know About Chiliz Coin

Blockchain or cryptocurrency has attracted many from various fields. To accommodate the needs of people in the sports industry, check out Chiliz Coin.


What Is a Chiliz Coin?

What Is a Chiliz Coin

It is a currency option for products and services in blockchain technology and crafted for mainstream consumers. More specifically, Chiliz offers people in the sports industry sports and entertainment entities in NFT, helping them to engage and monetize their audience.

In short, Chiliz provides blockchain-based tools to elevate your everyday experiences in sports. They can be about fan engagement in entertainment, digital payment solutions for conventional products, and many more.

Speaking of Chiliz Coin means mentioning Socios and Alexander Dreyfus too. They are the creators of Chiliz. is a fan engagement platform crafted from the ground up using Chiliz blockchain infrastructure. The currency used is $CHZ. This currency is an exclusive, on-platform currency.

Thanks to Socios, sports fans purchase Fan Tokens from some of the most renowned, global-scale, big teams like FC Barcelona, Juventus, PSG (Paris Saint-Germain), AS Roma, and many more.

The Fan Tokens function as something to influence the teams by popular votes. Users can also become eligible for team rewards based on engagement and recognition.

Then, who is Alexandre Dreyfus? He is a serial entrepreneur who has launched multiple businesses across the travel and entertainment industries. He has had years of experience in the gaming and sports industries. Besides becoming the founder and CEO of Socios and Chiliz, Dreyfus also founded Webcity in the 1990s. Webcity is an interactive tourism guide platform. His other project includes Winamax, which he co-founded and has become one of France's largest online poker sites.

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How Old Is Chiliz Coin?


Chiliz Coin was founded by Dreyfus in 2018. The basic idea was to have a blockchain technology that fans could use to engage with their favorite sports teams. It is also how the teams can monetize their global fan bases.

That idea has grown and flourished into a multinational company. Chiliz was officially launched in August 2019. Even since the beginning, their exchange had gone sky high to $ 0.0150, compared to other rivals like Bitcoin. This crypto unicorn was set to be 200-strong by the end of 2021. 

In January 2020, a single Chiliz had escalated in price by $ 0.009. Unfortunately, just like almost all businesses worldwide, the Covid-19 pandemic, which started in March 2020, halted its growth and progress. The price was sliding down to $ 0.004 really quickly.

In November 2020, Chiliz' price had gone as low as $ 0.010. Until January 2021, Chiliz was recovering really slowly. However, at the beginning of 2021, Chiliz surprised the world by having its price shoot up to $ 0.0340 in February. By March, Chiliz had maintained significant growth despite a slight downturn.

In 2022, Chiliz is turning four years old. So far, Chiliz has been listed as one of the biggest global-scale cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Other similar platforms on the same list include Binance and Coinbase.

Since NFT has become the latest trend lately, sports and entertainment industries would like to join the game. With Chiliz, many fans worldwide connect and engage with their favorite sports teams, especially football.


Who Uses Chiliz Coins?


Crypto startup Chiliz has defined the token fan market with its Socios platform, signing giant football teams like FC Barcelona, PSG, and Juventus. They have also signed other teams like UFC, F1 Teams, and e-sports clubs. That will be more than 130 partners in total.

Chiliz partners also include Sam Li (former NBA Vice President), Nicolas Maurer (e-sports team Vitality CEO), and Dr. DisRespect, one of the most famous and global-scale, most prominent video game streamers. In fact, Lionel Messi's high-profile transfer from FC Barcelona to PSG has made him the new face of Chiliz Coin. That is because his transfer has included cryptocurrency fan tokens.

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Is Chiliz Coin A Good Investment?


Prediction Price Chiliz Coin

Based on "Chiliz Price Prediction for 2022" from Cryptonewz, there is an optimistic prediction regarding the price of CHZ currency. Experts state that in December 2022, the price prediction of Chiliz Coin will be around $ 0.26. This means a 50% rise with a future price of $ o.30 in one year, and it will go up by $ 1.56 for the next five years.

So far, here comes the Chiliz overview:


  1. Price: $ 0.1185
  2. Price change (in 24 hours): +4.96%
  3. Price change (in 7 days): + 0.30%
  4. Market capitalization: $ 596,794,343
  5. Circulating supply: 6,000,378,771 CHZ
  6. Trading volume: $ 86,347,842
  7. All-time High: $ 0.8915
  8. All-time Low: $ 0.004001
  9. Chiliz ROI: +362.7%


So, on this platform, how do you stake your claim for your favorite team, whether you are a gaming fan or a sports enthusiast? How do you remain highly interactive by staying connected to your favorite teams?

There is safe recovery ensured in CHZ transactions in the Chiliz network. The entire ecosystem revolves around a decentralized protocol, so the whole process works in a secured environment. Your investment will be safe here. (Of course, unless something happens to your favorite teams, that may cause a serious price slide).

Since 2022 is looking up for Chiliz, it is time to start investing in it. It is worth your try, especially since this is another way to show your support to your favorite sports teams.

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Where To Buy Chiliz Coin


So, where and how can we buy our Chiliz Coin? For starters, users can purchase CHZ using their credit or debit card on a crypto exchange platform. You can choose to do so on Coinbase or Coinmama.

Of course, before you start purchasing, you need to create a Chiliz wallet. Once approved, you can start buying your first CHZ tokens to engage with your favorite sports teams. Knowing this process, you do not need to worry about its security. The approval from Chiliz shows that you have to meet their requirements before starting trading.

So, here is what you need to know regarding Chiliz Coin. Are you ready to invest some in your favorite sports teams?

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