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The Ultimate Guide to Radar Coin: Is It Good for Investment?

Blockchain technology is so popular because it allows you to play a game and earn real money. That is one of the keys to the blockchain. RADAR coin is the token used to unlock special features on DappRadar —a decentralized application global app store that enables the users to get the information and overview of DeFi (decentralized finance) such as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and other blockchain data—.

When you want full access to the features on DappRadar, you need to purchase the token. Hopefully, this article can help you learn more about Radar Coin and anything related to it, such as DappRadar, the coin's current price in Market Cap, will it make a good investment, and many other details. 

What Is the RADAR Coin? 


Radar Coin

Before we talk further about RADAR, let's start with a brief introduction to DappRadar. It is known as the leading authority of blockchain Dapp stores worldwide. It works as a market to record, track, analyze, and trade blockchain data from thousands of platforms and gaming. You can access the web easily, and it is free to use. Click here to visit the web. 

Here RADAR functions as the native utility ERC-20 token of DappRadar ecosystem that resides on the Ethereum blockchain. You can earn RADAR by participating in the DappRadar ecosystem. Owning the token means you will have more features that unlock and can possess its full feature potential. As a token holder, you are allowed to enjoy some of the features listed below:


Exclusive Access with DappRadar PRO 


When you own 5000 RADAR tokens, as a community member, you can access premium content and enhanced data features and get live notifications. 


Enable to Participate in Governance


You will be permitted to make a proposal and participate in the future, development, and growth of DappRadar when you own 100,000 RADAR tokens in your wallet. The token holder can join to decide on what to do regarding the future expansion of Dapp.


Stake LP tokens


Token holders can make a passive earning on their stock by staking. You can receive and stake LP tokens after providing liquidity in the ETH-RADAR liquidity pool on SushiSwap users.


Radar as a payments 


DappRadar allows you to pay for its services with RADAR. Moreover, it is noted by DappRadar that they will keep developing more exclusive features you can access as a token holder in the future. 

Skirmantas Januskas is the founder and CEO of DappRadar. It was established in 2013 for a convenient market where investors can track their investment, overview the in-game assets, and discover and find the best Dapps.  


How Much Is RADAR Coin Worth?

CoinGecko (10/07/22) reported that you could exchange RADAR at, Exchange, and XT.COM for centralized exchange. The total supply is 10 billion, and the coin in circulation is 580 Million RADAR coins. Meanwhile, for decentralized trade, you can go with Uniswap (v2), PancakeSwap (v2), and BitMart. From the total supply of 85 Million, the coin has circulated 49 Million RADAR. 

Here are some of the popular trading pairs for RADAR: RADAR/USD, RADAR/CAD, RADAR/EUR, RADAR/PHP, RADAR/INR, and RADAR/IDR.

According to CoinMarketCap on their Live Data Report, on July 07, 2022, the DappRadar price today is $0.019025 with a 24-hour trading volume of $879,134. And the latest ranking is #2996.

Is RADAR Coin a Good Investment

CoinGecko noted that on Dec 23, 2021, DappRadar hit an all-time high price of $0.057067222921. The all-time lowest price was on Jun 18, 2022, at $0.004120774096.

RADAR was launched in late 2021, and it is reported that many investors who want to contribute to DappRadar are looking to buy the token. It impacted the great price jump. According to Jimmy Aki in Business2community (06/28/2022), RADAR shows an excellent upsurge on the weekly graph. The current exchange is at $0.015.

RADAR trades above MA (moving average) indicators, and asset's positive in MACD (moving average convergence divergence). Furthermore, the current RSI (relative strength index) is 61.23, which will encourage more investors to purchase RADAR if it can go beyond the oversold region. 

The analysis above shows that the RADAR coin can make a good investment. However, you need to note that cryptocurrencies are susceptible and volatile. Blockchain technology depends on growth. When the prices escalate, so do your profits, and vice versa. Make sure you have done thorough market research about the coin you want to invest your money in. 


How Can Users Invest in RADAR Coins?


RADAR will enable you to unlock the full potential in DappRadar. There are two kinds of exchange where you can purchase RADAR; centralized and decentralized. 

For centralized exchange, it is available on Huobi. It is one of the largest digital asset exchanges in the world. Established in 2013 and has a US$1 trillion accumulated trading volume. Besides Huobi,, Hoo, MEXC, and ZT Exchange also provide RADAR.

If you prefer to exchange via decentralized, you can choose SushiSwap and Uniswap V3.

What Is the Future of DappRadar?


DappRadar proudly presents itself as the World's Dapp Store and the leading authority on blockchain analytics. It allows convenient access to the website and is free to use. The users can see the overview top games list that shows the best performance and articles about the recent news related to web3 games. 

However, DappRadar encourages you to be an investor and purchase their utility token, RADAR. As a token holder, you will get more benefits such as access to DappRadarPRO, participation in governance, and many more. 

As stated in business2community (2022), DappRadar became one of the fastest-growing blockchain networks after adding tracking capabilities to DeFi. It will enable the user to discover data about Stacks blockchain, such as NFTs collection sales. It will engage and encourage more investors to buy RADAR. 

Since the launch of RADAR Coin, DappRadar's discord has grown by over 25% immediately as investors are eager to distribute in the community-powered decentralized application, where you can own the in-game assets (NFTs). Your investment in RADAR will be worth it if the developer can follow the newest technology trend and keep making impressive innovations for web3 gaming.


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