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Syahrini Metaverse Tour: The Rise of Indonesia’s NFT Scene

In recent months, the arrival of the metaverse has been highly hyped by major tech companies who see the technology as the future of digital technology. Apart from them, many people around the world, including in Indonesia, have joined the fray. They wish to exploit the untapped potentials of the technology, especially in the non-fungible token (NFT). One of the people who has joined the hype is Syahrini, an Indonesian singer and actress who has published her own Syahrini Metaverse Tour.

When it comes to new technological fads, many people, including artists, commonly flock in to have a taste of collecting NFTs or designing their own NFTs. Considering the current value of NFTs, it is no wonder that they jumped into the new trend when it's obvious that these trends hold some actual value. Celebrities are ones who are also likely to collect or even their own NFTs at some point. Renowned celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and many others also collect their own NFTs. In Indonesia, the case is the same as Syahrini, one of Indonesia’s most prolific actresses, who created her own NFT. So, who is Syahrini?

To put things into context, Fatimah Syahrini Zaelani (known professionally as Syahrini) is an Indonesian actress and singer with considerable fame in her home country. Being renowned for her singing and acting career for years Syahrini decided to develop her own NFT once many people in Southeast Asia hopped into this new technological fad.


What is Syahrini’s Metaverse Tour?


Syahrini Metaverse Tour


To discern her own NFT, Syahrini gave the name “Syahrini Metaverse Tour” as the public name of her NFT. Sold in the cryptocurrency exchange firm Binance, they were immediately sold hours after their first launch on December 14th, 2021.

During its release, Syahrini collaborated with leading NFT agencies and enablers, such as NFKingsPro, Binance NFTs, and the Indonesian branch of Binance. In her NFT, Syahrini was depicted as a woman dressed in a hijabi dress with silky smooth fabrics, adorned with purplish colors and Syahrini’s trademark sunglasses. To further enhance the NFT’s overall usability, the NFT can also be used in Meta’s Metaverse.

How NFTs Came into Being in Southeast Asia


NFTs Came into Being in Southeast Asia

Apart from Syahrini, other notable individuals from Indonesia also designed their own NFT collections. Anang Hermansyah, another famous Indonesian singer, and Ridwan Kamil, the governor of West Java, each have developed their own NFTs in which the latter sold his own NFT for 1 Ethereum (US$3,120 at the time of sale).

The impact of NFTs is such. Even Joko Widodo (Jokowi), the President of Indonesia, stated that Indonesia needs to pick up the pace with the development of NFTs and metaverse in the region. The statement was inspired by his meeting with Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg in 2016. Zuckerberg stated that “human livelihood will greatly take place in the virtual world in the coming years.

Along with the ability to procure cryptocurrencies and NFTs through a set of activities in the metaverse, it is no wonder that NFTs are quickly becoming popular in the region. With access to digital technology, technically, everyone can participate in this nascent industry and create their own collections if they wish for it.


Syahrini’s NFT Collections


NFT Syahrini Collection


After its first release, Syahrini’s NFT takes form in a mystery box containing different avatars with randomized levels of rarity. Currently, the existing rarity levels of this NFT on Binance are N (normal), R (rare), SR (super rare), and SSR (super super rare). Upon buying her NFTs, buyers can be invited to a virtual tour in Syahrini’s personal metaverse. Based on their different levels of rarity, users can have a different experience when exploring the metaverse. 

The SSR rarity, for instance, takes place in a location with a large castle in the background while accompanied by Syahrini’s trademark lilac-colored hijabi dress. NFTs of lower rarity levels offer different backgrounds that nonetheless reflect Syahrini’s image as a glamorous singer and actress. By doing so, buyers can feel Syahrini’s own glamorous personality.

Thus far, there are 18,000 NFTs that Syahrini sells in her collection. These are the currently existing collections that you can buy in Binance:


1. SSR


Dubbed as the most expensive of all of the collections, there are only 5 SSR-tier NFTs that have been sold at the moment. With the hashtag #CetarMembahana (so beautiful it’s shocking), the NFT has the highest price of $1,701.21 and an average price of a similar value, reflecting its current value.


2. SR


Moving on, currently, there are two SR-tier NFTs in the collection with a total number of 895 NFTs. Both are named with the hashtags #i-feel-free and #ciaobella, with both of them having the highest price from $55.07 to $59.98 and the average price from $25.68 to $31.77.


3. R


In the next rarity level, Syahrini categorized her R-tier NFTs into the #CucokkkMonnggg (it fits so much), #MajuMundurCantik (going back and forth beautifully), and #sesuatu (something) NFT categories. As each category has a total number of 1,380 NFTs, their highest prices range from $14.57 to $19.02 and average prices from $8.09 to $13.58.


4. N


As the most common NFTs in the collection, currently, there are 12,960 N-tier NFTs that are categorized into four hashtags, namely #Huss-Huss-Sanah (scram yourself), #KacidaRaosna, #SepertiItu (like that), and #manjah (spoiled). Their highest prices range from $21.03 to $498.65, and their average prices from $1.90 to $23.93.


Metaverse Tour


If the buyer wishes to, they can buy a Metaverse Tour mystery box containing Syahrini’s NFTs with different levels of rarity. The mystery box can entice Syahrini’s hardline fans to buy other boxes that can potentially contain other NFTs from other rarities.


Where Does Syahrini’s NFT Lead to

Syahrini Metaverse Tour in Binance

The reveal of Syahrini’s NFT collections is such that after her success in making her first NFT sales, Syahrini revealed that she is going to expand her involvement in the industry via other means. For example, Syahrini is interested in launching a metaverse tour in Binance’s Smart Chain games.

The games that are potentially slated as the place to expand her metaverse tour are Rara, Glory Planet, X World Games, and other games. However, thus far, there is no update regarding her interest in expanding her NFT collections to these games.


What to Expect in the Future


With the undeniable success that Syahrini has managed to earn during the first sales of her NFT collections, it is no doubt that Syahrini Metaverse Tour will simply expand itself to other mediums in the industry. Moreover, as celebrities around Southeast Asia have been and are looking forward to creating their NFT collections, the region’s potential as the hub of NFT technology development cannot be underestimated.

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