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Super Rich! Get to Know These Top 10 Crypto Billionaires


The period of 2021-2022 has been such a wild time for the cryptocurrency universe. Even more hectic, at least seven more people have been added to the list of the world’s top crypto billionaires. Based on the data from Forbes, the list has been extended by at least 58% this early 2022. 

In the midst of the hype around metaverse, NFT (non fungible tokens), blockchain games, and DeFi (decentralized finance), here are the 10 greatest money makers in the crypto world. 


Changpeng Zhao

With a net worth of USD 65 billion, the CEO of Binance cryptocurrency exchange, Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao, remains the wealthiest cryptocurrency billionaire on the planet. The Canadian citizen is the owner of 70% at a minimum of the company that has generated approximately USD 16 billion in revenue due to massive volumes on CEX (centralized exchanges) in 2021. 

Besides Binance, CZ also gains wealth from BNB (Binance token) and Bitcoin. 


Sam Bankman-Fried

The American man achieved his USD 24 billion net worth—which successfully lists him as the second richest crypto billionaire just after Changpeng Zhao—even though he does not plan to keep his wealth. Yes, the FTX CEO has stated that his mission is actually to give away the whole of his fortune. He gained his treasure by owning over fifty percent of his company FTX and its native token FTT, worth more than USD 7 billion.  


Brian Armstrong

The CEO and founder of on-base have become the third richest person in the crypto ecosystem, thanks to his net worth of USD 6.6 billion. Despite his modest style in outfits, the American 39-year-old was discovered to have bought one of the most expensive, super-luxury mansions for USD 133 million in the country. Recently, Armstrong has also advocated against the crypto legislation proposed by the EU Parliament.


Gary Wang

As a chief technology officer and co-founder of FTX, Wang initiated the crypto exchange company along with Sam Bankman-Fried back in 2019. He possesses a 16% stake in the global business of FTX and FTT (FTX’s native token), worth more than USD 600 million. Now, Wang’s estimated net worth is USD 5.9 billion. 

Before deciding to be serious in the cryptocurrency world, Wang used to be one of Google’s software engineers, which he assisted in developing Google Flights, a product of the massive technology company. 


Chris Larsen

The American 61-year-old gained his wealth worth up to USD 4.3 billion from the blockchain company he co founded, Ripple. Its XRP token is, in fact, the world’s 8th largest cryptocurrency. 

While still on a legal case against the Securities and Exchange Commission, Larsen has also been partnered with some climate groups in releasing a campaign, “Change the Code, Not the Climate,” to insist the Bitcoin community cut back on the allegedly severe carbon footprint caused by the blockchain company’s digital asset. 


Tyler Winklevoss & Cameron Winklevoss  

Widely known as the college rivals of the man behind Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, the twin brothers have changed their settlement with Zuckerberg into approximately USD 4 billion net worth each. 

The American siblings began purchasing Bitcoin in 2012 and have since assorted their digital assets into significant portfolios. The next step was launching their own crypto exchange company, Gemini. As if that is not enough, the duo of crypto billionaires is also the owners of Nifty Gateway, a platform that runs digital art auctions. 


Song Chi-hyung

Chi-hyung, whose citizenship in South Korea, has founded Upbit, a leading cryptocurrency exchange company. He has turned USD 46 billion worth of crypto market into cash and holds a total net worth from what he earns from the crypto universe as much as USD 3.7 billion. Not to mention that he also owns around a quarter of Dunamu, the parent company of Upbit. The company was valued at up to USD 17 billion in November 2021. 


Barry Silbert

Having established Digital Currency Group (DCG), the American billionaire has a net worth of USD 3.2 billion. He did not stop there, though. With the investment group, he is also in charge of Grayscale, which manages crypto assets worth USD 28 billion, and CoinDesk. This well-known company works on news and events regarding cryptocurrency.  

Before going into crypto, Silbert used to be a businessman and investment banker who sold Second Market, a platform that runs stock trades, back in 2015. With the help of many subsidiary firms, Silbert’s DCG has put its funds into over 200 cryptocurrency startups. 


Jed McCaleb

McCaleb, whose nationality is American, has obtained his prosperity from both Ripple and Stellar, worth USD 2.5 billion. However, Ripple was co founded with Chris Larsen in 2012; he only stayed about a year due to a dispute with Larsen and the team. McCaleb then sold almost all of his XRP tokens before founding another crypto exchange company, Stellar, and becoming its chief technology officer. 


Joseph Lau & Nikil Viswanathan

Being the last on the billionaire list does not make the dynamic duo the lamest ones, as they still have a net worth of USD 2.4 billion each. Together they gathered up some massive power to build Alchemy from scratch. 

Lau and Viswanathan first met when they were both computer science students at Stanford University back in 2011. Their collaboration resulted in more than ten products at the time. One of their products, Down To Lunch, a social networking app, was launched in April 2016. Next, in 2017, they discovered crypto and started Alchemy as a blockchain toolkit for many developers and entrepreneurs in the ecosystem.

Today, Alchemy is a significant platform for developing Web3 apps, including DEX (decentralized exchange) platform Kyber and NFT powerhouse OpenSea. The company raised USD 200 million in February 2022, only four months after earning its valuation at USD 3.5 billion in a fundraising event. 

So, can cryptocurrency make you rich? You will find the answer if you have read the above list of top 10 crypto billionaires. Nevertheless, remember that those super-wealthy people have worked hard to achieve the title. The Crypto universe is indeed not for the faint hearts. 

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