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Strategic Partnership : Duckie Land x R-930 Capital

🤝 Duckie Land is excited to announce a strategic partnership with R-930 Capital!

🏢 R-930 Capital is an active blockchain-attentive venture capital firm established in London by experts across traditional financial and blockchain industries. They have secured investment in Duckie Land and support us with their experiences, networks, and community supports!

💬 “I’m excited to be involved in the Duckie Land development process. The game and functionality they offer is really innovative with dozens of use cases. Duckie Land has every chance of succeeding in the global arena” — said R-930 Capital

🎯 This partnership will bring Duckie Land closer to the project goal!

What is R-930 Capital?

R-930 Capital is an entity built on knowledge and leverage of cutting-edge technology in the world of finance. They acknowledge the value of tradition and embrace the existing model of building a startup, raising funds, and choosing the right partnerships. As an entity that seeks out startups with revolutionary ideas, it is then natural they find a more secure, transparent, and efficient method in their means of service delivery. They are always looking to invest in and match the right ideas with the right resources. They share this opportunity with their investors, presenting the opportunity for investments before they earn their actual value when the public becomes aware.

Richard Boateng, the founder and CEO of R-930 Capital, is a pioneer in financial technology — Fintech. As the financial industry heralded the change in the methods of investing from traditional IPOs to ICOs, and from regular currencies to cryptocurrencies, he was one of the earliest to invest in blockchain projects which currently have a huge impact in the financial sector. Witnessing the modern creation of capital markets, financial instruments, and means of raising funds, Richard Boateng in collaboration with his team of experts with other relevant skills built R-930 Capital

Learn more about R-930 Capital :

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium

What is Duckie Land?

Duckie is a multiplatform multiplayer online game that runs on the blockchain, and each Duckie is a non-fungible token or NFT. Millions of people can participate in the NFT world and earn reward tokens through skillful gameplay and contribution to the ecosystem.

Duckie gives gamers ownership of in-game assets and allows them to increase their value by actively playing the game. By participating in the in-game economy, players will receive rewards and create more value for other players and the ecosystem. The rewards for these digital assets are cryptocurrencies and in-game resources that are tokenized on the blockchain, which could become a new revenue stream for many people, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Learn more about Duckie Land :

Website Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Telegram Channel | Telegram Global | Telegram Indonesia | White Paper

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