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Strategic Partnership : Duckie Land x AZer Capital

ūü§Ě¬†Duckie Land is excited to announce a strategic partnership with AZer Capital!

ūüŹĘ¬†AZer Capital is one of the leading venture capital in China, focusing on the value discovery and incubation of high-quality early blockchain projects. They have secured investment in Duckie Land and support us with their vast network and communities in Asia!

ūüéĮ¬†This partnership will bring Duckie Land closer to the project goal!

What is AZer Capital?

AZer Capital focuses on discovering high-quality early blockchain projects and providing community media services and in-depth investment research analysis. It is committed to expanding the influence of the projects in investors and media.

In our community, there are elites and cryptocurrency lovers in various fields which include channels of information, project research, market, public relations and KYC services. More importantly, AZer has a large number of resources of KOL and community alliance. AZer provide one-stop services such as mining, investment, publicity and distribution of primary market projects.

AZer Capital’s investment portfolio includes Polkadot, nexo, Chainlink, flow, Cere Network, truefi, NFTb, GODS Unchained, O3Swap, Project Seed, Waggle, Biconomy, Colony lab, etc.

Learn more abuot AZer Capital :

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Discord | Weibo | Medium

What is Duckie Land?

Duckie is a multiplatform multiplayer online game that runs on the blockchain, and each Duckie is a non-fungible token or NFT. Millions of people can participate in the NFT world and earn reward tokens through skillful gameplay and contribution to the ecosystem.

Duckie gives gamers ownership of in-game assets and allows them to increase their value by actively playing the game. By participating in the in-game economy, players will receive rewards and create more value for other players and the ecosystem. The rewards for these digital assets are cryptocurrencies and in-game resources that are tokenized on the blockchain, which could become a new revenue stream for many people especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Learn more about Duckie Land :

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Telegram Channel | Telegram Global | Telegram Indonesia | White Paper

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