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Snoop Dogg NFT Empire: Everything You Need to Know


Like any other early adopters of new technology, Snoop Dogg did not waste time making his foray into NFT. The Snoop Dogg NFT empire now consists of a record label, multiple NFT collections, and even his own "NFT universe". How did the rapper start building his NFT success? 


Snoop Dogg: Early Adopter of Tech Trends


Early Adopter Snoop Dog

Snoop Dogg has been known as an early tech trend adopter, especially since the early 2010s. In 2013, when Instagram was only slowly taking off as a photo album app, he jumped the bandwagon and created Snoopify, his own app for photo sharing (and editing). His unique selling point: users could easily add fun stickers inspired by him.

Snoop Dogg invested big on Reddit without taking a single break in 2014, bringing him a huge fortune when the site's value hit USD10 billion in 2021. Finally, when the NFT and crypto craze started taking off in 2020, Snoop jumped in and made a fortune even when the NFT boom was still early.

His first NFT sale that hit big? Death Row, a digital artwork he auctioned on an online space called "Journey of the Dogg". The artwork was sold for USD100,000, a lucrative sale many beginner NFT enthusiasts could only dream of. However, more than just auctioning pre-made digital artworks, Snoop Dogg expands his NFT business to more distinctive fields.

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Snoop Dogg's NFT Launch on Cardano 


Snoop dog in Carnado

On April 11, 2022, Clay Nation studio, which specializes in NFT clay animation, tweeted about their collaboration with Snoop Dogg, accompanied by a short video showing the animated clay version of the rapper. The project was brought to Cardano, a blockchain platform that was founded by Charles Hoskinson, also known as the co-founder of Ethereum. 

The tweet mentioned other interesting offers, such as music content and land pitch. Snoop Dogg also had a conversation with Hoskinson regarding the future of crypto, NFT, and music, and how the three of them can be integrated. 

Snoop also boasted himself as an avid NFT collector. Using the alias Cozomo de Medici, Snoop managed to collect NFT arts with a total amount of over USD17 million. Joining the metaverse trend, Snoop Dogg partnered with The Sandbox to sell a thematic gaming platform he dubbed "The Snoopverse", with limited early access that brought him even more fortune.

How lucrative is "The Snoopverse" business? With 5,000 early access points minted that cost USD1,685,25 each, Snoop has managed to earn over USD1,7 million in profits from the ones that sold.


Types of Snoop Dogg NFT


Type of Snoop Dog NFT


What about the other NFTs released by Snoop Dogg?


The rapper managed to tie NFT-for-sale with his new album, B. O. D. R. He sold a collection of NFTs dubbed "Stash Box" alongside his album release. Within a week, these NFTs gave him more than USD44 million, with 10,000 limited edition versions sold at the Gala Music Platform.

Through The Sandbox, Snoop Dogg released NFTs in the form of his avatar. However, these avatars were created through an automatic program instead of being drawn manually. More than collectible images, these Snoop Dogg avatars allow their owners to access attractive offers such as games, virtual events, and concerts. Everything is designed to welcome the future trend of metaverse as a common digital environment.

Snoop also released crypto tokens that can be replaced with in-game currency in his Snoopverse. Called "Doggies'', each of these tokens is worth 150 SAND, or about USD460.50. Not a bad idea to invest in NFT while enjoying the rapper's unique experiences. The Doggies have several categories, and each were specially designed to demonstrate their rarity.

Doggies come in seven types, with four common ones (Human, Blue, Alien, Zombie) and three rare ones (Dogg, Robot, Golden). The last three have five, three, to one percent of rarity level. There are also ten rare avatars created based on Snoop Dogg's visual representations and styles throughout his career.


Acquiring Death Row Label


Death Row Label


Finally, we cannot talk about Snoop Dogg NFT empire without mentioning his related musical project.

On February 10, Snoop Dogg officially acquired Death Row Records, the ever-iconic record label founded by Dr. Dre, The D. O. C, Dick Griffey, and Suge Knight. His plan is to change the record label into the NFT label, with artists and their works being placed in the metaverse. According to him, this decision is the same groundbreaking one when Death Row first entered the status as a major label. Death Row will officially be the first NFT major record label if this works.

His announcement created an uproar among music fans, especially after pulling out Death Row Records' songs from all streaming services following the acquisition. However, Snoop convinced fans that he would collaborate with the estate of Tupac Shakur, planning to bring back his masterpieces.

Despite the uproar, Snoop Dogg got support from his peers, including fellow rappers. Master P, for example, described how this acquisition is necessary for Snoop to build something new based on his three-decade music industry experiences. His plan? Turning Death Row into the first major label that reached the metaverse.

Currently, many fans are lamenting the fact that they can no longer enjoy many iconic songs on Spotify and other popular streaming services. However, Snoop Dogg's promise opens many possibilities for NFT enthusiasts and the public interested in metaverse technology development. He even promised to create music videos and other music experiences for his metaverse, with his avatars starring in them.

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Further NFT Projects


Futher NFT Project


Looking at Snoop Dogg's current projects, there are no signs of him stopping. Aside from partnering with Babolex on Solana and being vocal about NFT on his Discord, Snoop Dogg is involved in Masterminds of Hip Hop. This project celebrates the best hip-hop icons by creating NFT drops featuring the digital arts of various artists. The project is a modern appreciation project for the culture of hip-hip brought into the NFT world.

With his enthusiasm for NFTs and crypto, Snoop Dogg will indeed retain his reputation as one of the early tech adopters among his fellow artists. The rising growth of the Snoop Dogg NFT empire promises more interesting projects to come, allowing NFT and music lovers to share their enthusiasm on platforms that combine their interests.

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