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MIR4, A Cool Triple-A Game Where You Can Get Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is still interesting as it provides people with a new way of investing. Interestingly, investors can obtain these coins in plenty of ways, including playing games. Play-to-Earn games have become increasingly popular today, and investors are starting to dive into these games to earn cryptocurrency.

Play-to-Earn games have developed rapidly due to their increasing popularity. In fact, plenty of games are available that allow players to dive into the blockchain world. Some of them are Plant vs Undead (PVU), Town Star, Axie Infinity, and MIR4. 

In this article, we will discuss MIR4, an excellent Triple-A game currently gaining popularity due to its ability to earn MIR4 NFT. 


Getting to Know with MIR4

MIR4 is an AAA game with MMORPG gameplay. This game is currently hyped in the crypto environment as players can earn MIR4 crypto in this game.

Like most other MMORPG games, players will face various missions and fights. In the oriental fantasy realms, they will have to finish wild tasks and even fight against other players to be the best of all players.

Despite the various available missions, the most incredible may be Darksteels mining. In this game, warriors can mine Darksteels, the primary element of the game. This element can be exchanged for DRACO, the native MIR4 crypto.

This token is what captures people since they are interested in the NFT. Players can play while also earning the MIR4 NFT, then trade the tokens for real money through the Wemix wallet.

This game is rated “AAA” or “Triple-A”, meaning that MIR4 is a high-budget, high-profile match in the video gaming industry. Games with this rate are typically produced and distributed by prominent and famous publishers. Due to their popularity, a game at this rate is also considered a “blockbuster”. 


Understanding MMORPG

In the gaming world, there is plenty of gameplay available, one of which is the MMORPG. For easier understanding, let’s divide the term into MMO and RPG. 

MMO is short for Massive Multiplayer Online. In this type of gameplay, players worldwide gather and interact with each other on a single online server. Meanwhile, RPG is short for Role-Playing-Game. In RPG, players play a fictitious character with a specific backstory and go on an adventure to finish missions or quests. 

MMORPG is a combination of both. Therefore, a player will play as a fictional character with a particular background, interacting with vast numbers of players in the game’s universe with background stories. 


Company Behind the MIR4’s Development

The MIR4 game is developed by a Korean game studio, WeMade, and led by Park Kwan-Ho. The company was established in 2000 and has gained plenty of notable achievements. As this article is being written, the company owns more than 40 game licenses. The company also entered the Kosdaq stock exchange, a South Korean national trading board.

There are three seasons of the MIR4 game. The first one is “Legend of MIR”, which was developed by WeMade. The game is then followed by “The Legend of MIR 2” and “The Legend of MIR 3” which becomes very successful. These games attract more than 120 million players from the whole of Asia.

Knowing how well-liked and excited, WeMade announced that the MIR4 game and WEMIX Network would be launched as a blockchain gaming platform for WeMade’s ecosystems. This game is officially available for iOS, Android, and the Google Play Store in August 2021. 


Where to Play

If you are interested in collecting the MIR4 NFT, you should start playing this game. Don’t worry about platforms since this game can be played on Windows, Steam, Play Store, App Store, and Galaxy Store. However, before playing, you will need to download the game first. 

You can download the game on the official website of the MIR4 game. To be able to download this game on your computer or mobile device, you will need 450MB of free space. Once you download and install the game, you should be able to play and start earning MIR4 NFT. 

This game is relatively easy to follow since players are mostly guided by an automated system and several training scenarios. Players need to follow the missions as well as primary quests and finish them, 

Playing this game does not mean you have to sit in front of your device all the time without doing anything else. This game also has an Autobot system during battles. With this feature, players can still enjoy the game even if they need to engage in other activities or meet new people in the game. 


HyDRA Coin

Another important MIR4 NFT you need to know is the HyDRA coin. HyDRA is short for High-Yield DRACO. This coin was released on February 16, 2022. Unlike the usual DRACO, HyDRA is a utility token in MIR4 exclusive to other WEMIX platforms.

Since HyDRA is not a specific coin for MIR4 only, this token can rise with the increasing demands. When the demand keeps increasing, the value may develop and grow in the cryptocurrency market in the future. 

This game is the perfect example of how existing video games can be integrated into the NFT gaming environment. Due to its hyped gameplay and concept, this game has high prospects of being one of the best NFT games. It may be sitting at the forefront of the NFT game industry with other popular games such as Sorare, Illuvium, and Wanaka.

While this game has a high potential to earn MIR4 NFT, there are possible risks that you should look out for. To mitigate the risk related to the popularization of NFTs, you will need to carefully study the market, gameplay, earning approaches, and price prediction. Understanding these principles is essential for risk mitigation. 

So, are you interested in playing this game and earning your cryptocurrencies? 

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