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Important dApp Examples for Your Personal Crypto Needs

The number of applications designed for specific needs is now essentially countless. With so many application developers around the world, it seems that all needs can now be accommodated with a suitable application, including decentralized or distributed applications (dApps). If you are actively using cryptocurrencies, knowing dApp examples is very important so your every crypto need can be handled without a hitch.

If you are actively using cryptocurrencies for various needs, it's a good idea to study various examples of dApps that you can use. What are some examples of these applications?
dApps: The Basics

If you are not familiar with what a dApp is, then we will try to provide a brief understanding. dApps are essentially a series of applications that are decentralized and do not have any central management at all. Instead, all of its performance is determined by the community of dApps users, who are the main stakeholders of these applications.

In fact, if you are familiar with BitTorrent and Tor, both are examples of dApps that have been around for years. However, as cryptocurrencies and their supporting blockchains have become popular in recent years, new forms of dApps have emerged and are accompanied by more diverse functions based on their purposes.



Although now there are many dApp examples that we can use for various types of needs, which one would be suitable for your crypto needs? For that, in this article, we will recommend some applications that are suitable for you. Let's take a look at the list below!


1. MyCrypto Wallet


MyCrypto Wallet

Nowadays, people can have more than one Ethereum account for different purposes. However, integrating everything into one reliable platform can be time- and effort-consuming. For that, MyCrypto Wallet comes as an integrated platform to combine all your crypto wallets in one platform. In this application, you can check the wallet balance of all your crypto wallets so that you don't miss out on the development of the amount of crypto you have.


2. OpenSea



NFT fans are certainly familiar with this marketplace website. Called the first and largest NFT marketplace in the world today, you can satisfy your artistic NFT collection desire in this peer-to-peer (P2P) system. There are also many kinds of NFT collections on this website, from artwork, music, nft domain names, photos, trading cards, and many more.


3. Index Coop


Index Coop

Cryptocurrency is not only useful for buying and selling but also for investing in the future. For that purpose, Index Coop is designed to manage the crypto investment needs of users. By using decentralized finance (DeFi) principles, Index Coop is a dedicated dApp for crypto investment.

Here too, you can also build a cryptocurrency investment portfolio such as Interest Compounding ETH, DeFi Pulse, ETH 2x, Metaverse, Bankless DeFi Innovation, and many more that can be a reference for your investment.


4. Augur



The development of dApps is now so prominent that there are even dApps for those who like to bet some amount of money on their passion. Meet Augur, a dApp where you can place bets on things like sports, economics, and more without fear of being ensnared by illegal exploitations.

Powered by Ethereum, users can make financial predictions of various development trends around the world without fear of having their crypto wages taken illegally by the authorities.


5. Dharma



Suppose you like to be directly involved as a crypto developer. In that case, Dharma is one of the developer tools you can use to borrow and lend cryptocurrency assets quickly and efficiently. The account you have on Dharma can be linked to the existing network on Ethereum and Polygon.

In addition, you can connect your wallet with Metamask, making it easier for you to make transactions using your personal computer or mobile phone.


6. Golem



Are you a computer network developer who needs more resources and people who can be used as a reference in developing your network? For that purpose, Golem can be an open-source platform where you can get more resources without restrictions from the authorities.

Although not directly related to cryptocurrencies, this application can be your savior when you need a platform to develop your software and are looking for more resources to do so through a decentralized global forum.


7. Rotki



A cryptocurrency portfolio that can be easily modified and managed by the private owner is a dream for all cryptocurrency users. To achieve this goal, you can use Rotki, an open-source and easy-to-manage cryptocurrency portfolio application.

On Rotki, you can track all of your assets, net worth, and liabilities, connect with major cryptocurrency platforms such as Binance and Coinbase, manage DeFi savings, and other activities to ensure the security of your portfolio privacy.


8. Numerai



Participating in competitions can be a source of income for your cryptocurrency wallet and a place to practice your skills. If you want to know an application that can facilitate both, then Numerai is a dApp which is a place where data science competitions are held where the winner will be rewarded with cryptocurrency.

With your data science and machine learning skills, you need to make stock market prediction examples using a prediction model based on Python and R scripts. If the prediction you bet proves correct, then you will be rewarded with cryptocurrency sent directly to your wallet.


9. Brave Frontier Heroes


Brave Frontier Heroes

If you are an avid gamer, then it's time for you to turn your hobby into a source of cryptocurrency income! Don't believe us? Then meet Brave Frontier Heroes, a collaboration of the highly successful mobile game Brave Frontier and the crypto game My Crypto Heroes.

When playing this game, you will get Brave Frontier characters (Units) and weapons (Spheres) which have been converted as digital crypto assets. By owning all these assets, you can trade them and turn them into a source of cryptocurrency income through gaming.

With so many dApp examples available today, all your crypto needs, even those that don't seem too crypto-related, can also be accommodated well by all these applications. Good luck trying all these applications so that your needs can be met properly!

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