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How to NFT a Tweet Like Jack Dorsey

Twitter is one of the most popular social media available. Users can tweet anything anytime and usually have a connection to some events. The word tweet itself is derived from the chirp of a small bird, which acts as the logo of Twitter.

Nowadays, some people are willing to buy tweets as an NFT collection, so why don’t you claim some tweets as your NFT collection to sell? Here is how to NFT a tweet if you want to sell a collection of tweet NFTs.

Is It Possible to NFT a Tweet?

NFT a Tweet

The short answer is YES!. It is possible to convert a tweet into an NFT. Some tweets are considered worthy of being collected. And to be worth a lot of money, those tweets need to be as rare as possible. Rare tweets are usually those posted on rare occasions by special people, like that famous tweet from Jack Dorsey. The name Jack Dorsey has been booming recently for the trending news about the first-ever tweet on Twitter. That first-ever tweet from the Twitter co-founder is written: “just setting up my twttr.” The tweet was sold as an NFT for a whopping $2.9 million.

For most people, such a simple short tweet to be worth as expensive as some rare hypercars perhaps sounds insane. But if you think about the rarity of the tweet, the $2.9 million price tag is probably a worthy investment for the person who owns the tweet NFT. For a collectible tweet, NFT, a tweet posted for the first time on a social media giant like Twitter, has the maximum level of exclusivity, not to mention that the co-founder of that social media platform himself posted the tweet.

That first-ever tweet by Jack Dorsey was purchased for 1,630.58 ether by Sina Estavi in March 2021. At that time, 1,630.58 ether was approximately worth $2.9 million. Sina Estavi is a crypto entrepreneur who directs and manages a blockchain company called Bridge Oracle. Unfortunately for Sina Estavi, the value of that first-ever tweet NFT had an intense dive when he was trying to sell it on an NFT trading platform, OpenSea. At first, he had an intention to donate half of the value of the potentially highly-priced NFT to charity.

However, the highest bid for the first-ever tweet NFT is less than eye-watering $10,000. That bid was nothing compared to Sina Estavi's price when he bought the NFT for the first time, so he decided not to sell it until someone was willing to buy the NFT for a handsome price. Looking at an example of the first-ever tweet by Jack Dorsey, you can claim some tweets from famous people that you think are worthy of being NFTs as long as those tweets have not been claimed by someone else yet.

One of the ways to find an NFT-worthy tweet is by looking at some real-life events. For example, if a Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton were able to win another championship, which would make him the most successful driver in the competition, he would tweet about it; that tweet could be an NFT worthy. That would be one of the greatest moments in the history of motorsports if it happens in the future. Therefore, some motorsports enthusiasts, especially Lewis Hamilton’s fans, would be willing to buy and collect that exclusive tweet NFT with potentially very high value.

Nevertheless, do not expect too much about the price of tweet NFTs since such a very exclusive tweet NFT of Jack Dorsey’s first-ever tweet can lose almost all of its value over time. These unstable values are the hearts and souls of NFTs.

How to Convert Tweets to NFTs


Convert Tweet to NFT

Like the digital artists who spend their effort and time to create some digital art to be collectible NFTs, you need to spend a little of your time and effort to claim some tweets to be your NFT collection. A project called Tokenized Tweets allows you to convert tweets into NFTs. You can follow the project on Twitter or visit the website to get every information about the project. Without any further ado, here are the steps on how to NFT a tweet.


1. Prepare Your MetaMask Wallet


Metamask Wallet

The first thing you need to prepare before claiming tweets for your NFT collection is the token wallet. The wallet you need to get to do activities on the Ethereum blockchain to claim tweets is the MetaMask wallet. After your MetaMask wallet is ready, you need to copy the Ethereum address from that wallet to be used to do the next step.

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2. Find and Comment on Some Tweets


FInd and Comment on Some Tweet for NFT

You need to find the tweets that you want to claim by yourself. Remember to do some research while finding worthy tweets being collected to increase your chance of getting some profit with your NFT collection. After you decide on the tweets that you want to claim, you need to post a comment on a certain tweet. Tag Tokenized Tweets’ Twitter account followed by the Ethereum address you have copied before on that comment, and the tweet NFT is yours.

Since it is very easy to do, many worthy tweets have probably been claimed by other people already. You cannot claim a claimed tweet as your NFT collection, but there are still a bunch of worthy tweets waiting to be claimed if you do your research.


3. Check Your NFT Collection


NFT Collection

Finally, make sure that the tweets you commented on are already in your library as NFTs. You can log into the Tokenized Tweet website with your MetaMask wallet, bringing you to your NFT library on the OpenSea platform to see your claimed tweets.

Those are the steps on how to NFT a tweet, complete with an example of the most popular tweet NFT. Furthermore, if you want to have a collection of tweet NFTs, it is better to do it as early as possible before the available worthy tweets are getting claimed by other people.


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