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How Necessary is Twitter NFT Profile Picture

The new feature from Twitter about NFT can cause various opinions from people. Here is what you need to know about whether the Twitter NFT profile picture is really necessary or not.

Twitter Launches NFT Profile Pictures


Twitter NFT Picture

Right now, Twitter users can use their NFTs as their Twitter profile pictures. It is great news for NFT enthusiasts who are also active on that social media platform. But, this feature is still limited, so not everyone can change their Twitter profile picture with an NFT. Many users already set their Twitter profile pictures with their owned NFTs. The difference is that those NFTs are only seen as pictures by other users, so they would not recognize if those NFTs are owned by the users or use pictures of NFTs that they got from the internet.

With this feature, users can display their NFTs as hexagonal-shaped Twitter profile pictures, but they can also show their ownership certificates of their NFTs. Therefore, people can differentiate between fake owners and the real owners of certain NFTs. The problem with the feature in this early stage is that it is only accessible by Twitter users who have Twitter Blue subscriptions. Users need to pay the monthly subscriptions to be able to show off their owned NFTs through their Twitter profile pictures.

The Twitter Blue subscription is currently only available in four countries: the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, so users outside of those countries can't use their owned NFTs for their profile pictures. Other than that, Android and web Twitter users also can not use this feature since it can only be accessed on iOS. Furthermore, NFTs minted on Ethereum and stored on OpenSea are the only NFTs that can be used for Twitter profile pictures.

Even though there are some limitations for users who want to display their NFTs, other users can still recognize the real NFT owners from their hexagonal-shaped profile pictures without being the Twitter Blue subscribers, using iOS devices, or living in one of the specific chosen countries.

5 Reasons Why this Event is Important


Example NFT Picture

This Twitter NFT profile picture phenomenon is an important event to be recognized. It can have positive and negative impacts on the social media platform or the world of NFT in general. Here are some reasons why this event is so important.


1. It Can Show People How NFTs Work


Many common people wonder how such simple images, gifs, videos, or other digital arts, so-called NFTs, can be worth a fortune. They think people can easily download those collectibles to be kept by themselves. But the truth is, owning NFTs is not as simple as that. Anyone can display and claim their downloaded NFTs as their own, but the real owners are those who can show the blockchain-based ownership certificates of those NFTs.


2. The Divergence between NFT Fans and Haters


Like many things in the world, NFT also has a lot of fanatics and haters. Many people express their hatred toward NFTs through common social media platforms like Twitter for many reasons. This feature can only make the divergence even worse.


3. It Does Not Make the NFT Crowd Happy


The decision of Twitter to allow users to use their owned NFTs as their profile pictures is a great thing, especially for NFT fanatics. However, NFT fanatics are not entirely happy with the limitation of the feature. They feel that Twitter wants to boost the number of their Twitter Blue subscribers by using NFTs as the tools to lure some crowds. Twitter is still a business that needs additional funding to keep running and growing.


4. It Shows that Twitter is Pro-Crypto


Some social media have already supported crypto with their platforms, and Twitter has followed suit with this new feature. Still, it can result in some disagreement from some users who do not like the idea of cryptocurrency, especially NFT. It shows in the early dive of Twitter stock’s value after the feature started.


5. It Gives OpenSea a Huge Advantage


The only platform with NFTs that can be used for the feature, OpenSea, which is already the biggest NFT marketplace by a big margin, can leave its competitors even more behind. It is, of course, a terrible piece of news for other platforms like Foundation, LooksRare, Nifty Gateway, Rarible, SuperRare, and Zora that Twitter gives a huge but seems unfair advantage for OpenSea in the NFT marketplace competition.

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How to Set Twitter NFT Profile Picture


Use NFT Picture Twitter

Before Twitter users like you try to display your NFTs as your profile pictures, you need to check all the social media platform's limitations to access the feature. For example, you can not set your NFTs as your profile picture if you use a non-iOS device and live in Europe even though you have the most expensive NFTs available or have been a Twitter user for decades.

After all the limitations are passed, and you are already prepared with the NFT that you are going to use as your hexagonal shaped profile picture for your Twitter account, you need to do the instruction as follows:

  •     - Go to your Twitter account page as a Twitter Blue member, then tap your profile picture.
  •     - Tap ‘Choose NFT’ and select ‘Connect my wallet.’
  •     - Choose the wallet that you want to connect your Twitter account with. The crypto wallets that Twitter currently supports are Coinbase Wallet, Argent, Ledger Live, Rainbow, MetaMask, and Trust Wallet.
  •     - Verify your wallet address to your Twitter account by following the guided steps
  •    -  After your wallet and Twitter account are connected, you can choose the NFT that you want to use for your profile picture
  •     - After that, your NFT profile picture will be surrounded by a hexagonal shape.
  •     - Tap ‘Done’ and check that your NFT has become your new profile picture.

Are you ready to set up your account with a Twitter NFT profile picture? Or do you hate the idea that Twitter encourages NFTs owners to show off their valuable NFTs? Either way, Twitter has followed technological advancement, which can potentially mean great things for the social media platform in the future.


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