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How Duckie Land Uses Initial Coin Offering and Whitepaper


If you have been in the crypto scene for a while, you might be familiar with the term initial coin offering, which is repeatedly used. This refers to a digitalized form of crowdfunding that uses cryptocurrency. This works by launching new coins and selling them to investors, similar to how stock trading works. In order to increase capital for the token-creator, they need to sell their tokens for a fixed price. The difference between these two is the fact that shares are regulated by the government and tokens are not. However, there are also successful examples in which this method can work.


How This Works

An issuer has three options if one wants to get into ICOs. One is having a fixed supply of coins issued and the same fixed price. The second option is having the same supply of coins with a dynamic price range. Lastly, the option is to have a dynamic supply with a fixed price. 


Introduction To

The idea of using an initial coin offering is further legitimized by’s usage of it, a play-to-earn NFT game that is run on the blockchain. This multiplayer online game is duck-themed and created based works by letting players into their game and rewarding them as they increase their frequency of playing, giving them assets to increase their value. The assets that will be rewarded to the winning players are in the form of cryptocurrency and resources that belong to the blockchain.


Whitepapers In

In order for ICOs to be successful, it requires a legitimate whitepaper that can ensure that the coin is worth investing in and that the project will be developed. This is a report that explains complex issues in a concise manner. With this usage, all parties would eliminate miscommunications and errors in these processes. Whitepapers include components like marketing plans, the coin’s uniqueness, which problems the coin can solve, and many more. 

In, the creators promised a future for the gaming community, making their hobbies a valuable NFT and transforming the gaming world into something that can drive the economy. It is’s dream to turn these players’ dream into reality and make it so that they can have a steady income that can be generated through their passions. Therefore, with all of these in mind, not only will the players have fun playing these addicting games, but they will also gain a revenue stream that is constantly flowing. 

The core team of founders includes talented individuals very passionate about their craft. One of the examples includes Febrian Pottanobu, who graduated from Multimedia Nusantara University and is actively involved in the developmental process of, from business plans to creative marketing. There’s also Gracia Veronica, a highly creative individual that is actively involved in developing the technology. Lastly, there is also Gabriel Tsang, who mastered 14 programming languages and is also passionate about making the world a better place if the correct technology is used. Other than that, the team is filled with passionate professionals that have top-notch skills, either in the design sector, the tech sector, or even the developmental and public relations sector.

Besides that, there are also many partners and investors that are backing up the project, such as Hafen Ventures, INTR Ventures, AVstar Capital, LPI DAO, AZer Capital, NFTb, and Signal Ventures.


What Did Right With Their ICO And Whitepaper

One thing that did well is its reliability. Since ICOs aren’t regulated by the government, it is so easy to be scammed; either their money is stolen for runaway, or the project is incomplete. However, has a clear whitepaper that can prove itself to be a trusted party. Besides that, they always execute their tasks in accordance with the whitepaper, further legitimizing their performance and reliability to their investors, making them more inclined to do further business endeavors with

Another benefit that can be inferred from the whitepaper is the fact that its system and mechanism that keeps afloat is simple. needs increasing player participation in order to increase the value of tokens. Without this, token production can easily halt, fall, and decrease in its value, which is why the player’s frequency is used as fuel to the game. Therefore, to earn more, it takes one to play more, which is a dream for a lot of people passionate about games. Furthermore, the assets that are gifted to the players can be exchanged in the marketplace for real money, and these reward tokens can be used to purchase everyday necessities. currently holds a market cap of about $241,268, a fully diluted market cap of $3,548,060, a volume of $736,418, and a self-reported circulating supply of 6,800,000,000 MMETA. All of these numbers are impressive considering everything has.

With all of this in mind, we can see why managed to gain such publicity in terms of their ICOs as they are very systematic. People want to invest in because they have a clear direction of where they want to end up as well as it is beneficial for gaming communities that are looking for their hobbies to be turned into an occupation. From this, is able to garner funds and capital to support their everyday running costs as their expenses are covered by the ICO that is successfully executed.

As we can see from the information above, due to’s immaculate whitepaper that consists of complete information in regards to their team, their vision and mission, and clear marketing plans, they can amass a lot of money through initial coin offering and utilize it as an effective tool. Other factors include’s loyalty to its whitepaper as well as its promising vision that can guarantee longevity. This can be a profitable method of transactions and crowdfunding as it is a fast-paced way of earning capital. 

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