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Here's Why Tezos' XTZ Coin Can Shine Your Future


Cryptocurrency has been an investment choice in recent years. There are a lot of options for different cryptocurrencies. Each has its plus and minus, and XTZ Coin from Tezos is one of the cryptocurrencies you should consider for your future investments.


What XTZ Coin Really Is


Tezos Coin

Also known as tezz or tezzie, this coin is a kind of cryptocurrency token of Tezos that allows holders to get involved in the future of the Tezos network. Each coin holder can give their suggestion or vote for any future system changes if necessary. Despite that, this coin is based on smart contracts like some other crypto tokens.

If everyone agrees to a certain update, that update will come true automatically for every node. It means that the future of this coin and its network is in the hands of its holders since the Liquid Proof-of-Stake or LPoS mechanism is used for the approach.

With that unique approach, the phenomenon of a hard fork is almost impossible to happen. That made Tezos gain a lot of the public’s attention during its earlier stage in 2017. This cryptocurrency project also has high-level security, which further gains its popularity among people who support cryptocurrency projects.

The making of Tezos was intended for the current digital revolution. As the core of this cryptocurrency project, user governance and participation is the next-level foundation for many internet users. Users would prefer to be decentralized without any intermediaries.

Furthermore, Tezos uses the Proof of Stake algorithm, which is way more eco-friendly than the Proof of Work algorithm used by two of the most popular cryptocurrency tokens, Bitcoin and Ethereum. A green blockchain network is desperately needed in this energy-demanding era.

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Interesting History of Tezos

The history of Tezos can be traced back to 2014. At that time in Switzerland, a couple, Arthur Breitman and Kathleen Breitman, along with some other developers, started the cryptocurrency project.

Dynamic Ledger Solutions or DLS officially launched Tezos in 2018. The project earned a record-breaking $232 million worth of Bitcoin and Ether during its Initial Coin Offering or ICO in just under two weeks. The total numbers are 65,681 BTC and 361,122 ETH. However, despite all of that, this project experienced a lot of management issues.

The problems occurred when the ICO funds were not given to the Breitmans as the co-founder of Tezos. Even though DLS owned the coin, the funds were held by a company called Tezos Foundation.

Johann Gevers, the president of Tezos Foundation, refused to give the funds to the Breitmans, which resulted in a temporary drop in the coin’s value. Still, after Gevers left the project and the Breitmans got their rights, it went smoothly as it should be.



The Value of XTZ Coin


Price of Tezos Coin

The unique characteristics of a cryptocurrency token can definitely determine its value. What makes Tezos different from other cryptocurrencies is that it is decentralized and can be controlled by the coin holders, allowing some automatic updates and improvements.

At the time of writing, the current price for one XTZ coin is $1.58, ranking it 36 among other cryptocurrency tokens. This coin has a market cap of $1,421,261,306.40, while the fully diluted market cap is $1,455,233,169.93.

Moreover, 901,628,220 XTZ coins are the number of this coin’s circulating supply from 923,179,494 XTZ coins of the total supply, while there is no available data for the maximum supply of the coin.

The coin's current price is among the lowest in Tezos’ history. The lowest ever price of Tezos’ token was only $0.37 on January 29, 2019. Nevertheless, this token experienced a reasonably high peak price of $8.7 on October 3, 2021.

On average, the price of Tezos’ token is $2.4, which means the current price of $1.58 is relatively cheap for this coin. It is an excellent opportunity to invest in this coin as it has the potential to gain value in the future.


What Can You Do with Tezos


For its original purposes, Tezos is excellent for developers to develop decentralized applications or dApps to run on the blockchain. Some examples of the successfully operating dApps on the Tezos blockchain are tzBTC and Tezsure.

However, current Tezos users are mainly traders and investors who use the Tezos token as their assets for trading activities or speculative investments. Some users use XTZ merely for payments.

You do not need to worry too much about security as Tezos uses a decentralized blockchain network. That means there is no central power to control the network, so any suspicious activities would not be possible as agreements from all stakeholders are mandatory.


How to Buy XTZ Coin


Before you decide to buy some cryptocurrency tokens, including Tezos’, you need to have a crypto wallet. You can use either a cold wallet or a hot wallet, and each has its own advantage and drawback. For Tezos, especially for a significant investment, it is better to use a hardware wallet as it is secured from any online threats.

After you are ready with your wallet and, of course, some money, you can choose a crypto exchange that suits you best for using and registering for. Some of the best crypto exchange options to buy Tezos tokens are Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase, eToro, Huobi, Indodax, Kraken, KuCoin, Tokocrypto, Uphold, and WazirX.


The Future of XTZ Coin


Prediction Tesoz Coin

Tezos is a cryptocurrency project that has experienced a lot of challenges in the past and in the present with a rather low value. Despite that, this project has shown its capability to fight those obstacles, which is why it is trendy and can possibly increase the value of its token in the future.

Tezos can contain many decentralized applications. With its trustworthy fundamentals and any future projects, it can be considered a bargain for the future. As long as it runs smoothly and consistently, XTZ Coin can definitely be a great long-term investment instrument.

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