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GameStop Removes the Infamous Cryptocurrency Wallet Feature


GameStop, the American gaming merchandise retailer, has made a significant decision to terminate its cryptocurrency wallet program, citing concerns about "regulatory uncertainty" in the crypto space. As of November 1, 2023, the company will remove its iOS and Chrome Extension wallets from the market. This move comes after the company launched the wallets in the spring of the previous year, allowing users to manage digital assets and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


In an official statement on its website, GameStop explained that the decision to remove the wallets is due to the regulatory uncertainty surrounding the cryptocurrency industry. The company advises all its customers to access their secret passphrase by October 1, 2023, in order to be able to recover their accounts using any compatible wallet.


The introduction of GameStop's self-custodial wallet in May of the previous year allowed customers to easily send, receive, store, and use crypto assets and NFTs through decentralized applications directly from their web browsers. The company strengthened its commitment to the crypto space by launching an NFT marketplace on the Ethereum layer 2 network Loopring L2.


However, despite the initial interest in digital collectibles and NFTs, the market has experienced a decline in recent years. While new marketplaces like Blur have emerged and gained popularity, the trading volume of NFTs is far from the peak levels observed in 2021 and 2022.


In addition to offering digital asset wallets and launching an NFT trading platform, GameStop had previously formed a partnership with the American subsidiary of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX in September 2022. The collaboration aimed to introduce GameStop's clients to the FTX.US community and offer gift cards from the marketplace in select stores across the United States.


Unfortunately, the partnership came to an end after FTX filed for bankruptcy protection. GameStop assured its users that they would receive full refunds in the aftermath of the exchange's collapse. The termination of the FTX partnership also led to other companies like Esports giant TSM and video game developer Riot Games cutting ties with the now-bankrupt platform in the following months.


It is clear that the regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies and NFTs remains uncertain, leading GameStop to opt for a cautious approach by discontinuing its crypto wallet services. The company believes that this decision will allow it to focus on its core gaming merchandise business while also mitigating potential risks associated with the volatile and rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market.


As the crypto industry continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how other gaming companies and businesses in various sectors will respond to the regulatory challenges and uncertainties in the space. For now, GameStop's move to terminate its crypto wallet program marks a notable development in the intersection of gaming and cryptocurrencies, and it may have broader implications for the adoption and acceptance of digital assets in the future.

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