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Fun and Sound NFT Real Estate Projects You Should Join

There are a few things better to do than earning some real money while having fun playing games with other people in the metaverse. These six virtual worlds are some of the most popular and biggest NFT real estate projects for your joy and future investment.

1. Decentraland


Decentraland NFT

Probably the most popular and well-known virtual world, Decentraland has been enjoyed by many metaverse communities. Decentraland is a virtual world that is running on the Ethereum blockchain.  Decentraland is like a casual online game in that you are allowed to do anything, even buying real estate, like lands. Each land is a 16 x 16 parcel which can be purchased with Decentraland owned cryptocurrency token, MANA. Similar to a land asset in real life, the land is an NFT that is unique and can not be duplicated.

A small 16 x 16 land is probably barely enough to build anything, so it is better for you to buy some parcels of land in a specific place. Once you have the land, you can do or build anything on it like build a store, build a gallery, or hold some virtual events. As you buy Decentraland assets with real money, you can also earn real money as well. With your owned real estate, which can be visited by people in the metaverse, you can promote your real-life business or even sell your products straight away in the virtual world.

Similar to real-life real estate, the price of land NFTs are different based on the location or other affecting matters. If Decentraland becomes more popular in the future, it is not impossible for the price of certain land NFTs to take a huge leap, which would benefit you if you want to sell your asset. Still, there is a possibility as well for the value to dive if this metaverse trend is just a current bubble that can pop at any future time. Furthermore, the value of MANA coin is also affecting the price of land NFTs as it is the currency to buy them.

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2. The Sandbox


The Sandbox Game

The Sandbox is one of NFT real estate projects supported by big game industries like Atari, Square Enix, and Ubisoft. The project allows players to enjoy playing the game while monetizing their experiences. The Sandbox has a total of 166,464 acres of land, which are ready to be purchased by players or investors. Each land is a unique NFT that can be purchased on a common NFT marketplace like OpenSea, or with the Sandbox’s own marketplace.

Landowners are also allowed to buy more than one land to be chained to make a district. With that asset, land owners can build buildings, hold events for other players to visit and join, or even buy the decorated asset.

3. Axie Infinity


Axie Infinity Game

Axie Infinity is a blockchain nft game that allows you to purchase in-game real estate in the form of lands. The gameplay is mainly about collecting the game characters called Axies. You can raise those Axies and even battle them to earn some rewards.

If you own land in Axie Infinity, you can have the opportunity to earn more advantages. You can upgrade your land with resources you have to gain more resources. You can also get specific access to some rare resources that normal players will not be able to get.

A total of more than 90,000 plots of land NFTs are available to be purchased on OpenSea or Axie Infinity marketplace. The price of a plot of land is different from others based on the location and the time when the land is sold. The most expensive land ever purchased in Axie Infinity has a value of 550 ETH.

4. Upland


Upland NFT Game

What makes Upland so special is that the virtual properties that can be bought represent locations in the real world. That is why this project has more than 700,000 users actively playing it every month. Other than that, the total in-game transaction has reached the $50 million mark.

Similar to other projects, Upland allows users to buy virtual real estate in the form of landmarks, businesses, and homes. You can buy real estate in this Ethereum blockchain-powered virtual world as an NFT with ERC-721 tokens.

5. Cryptovoxels



Cryptovoxels is a virtual world similar to Decentraland. It is also based on the Ethereum blockchain, and you can own NFT real estate that you are able to build anything you like on it. On the contrary, in Cryptovoxels, the experience players will get from the virtual world is more realistic than it is from Decentraland.

6. Duckieland


Duckie Land Real Project NFT

Duckieland is a blockchain game that is similar to Axie Infinity. The characters in the game are called Duckies, which are adorable ducks with various colors, accessories, and skills. Those varieties make each Duckie unique and can be sold as an NFT.

The idea is to collect those Duckies, raise them, and battle them. The more you participate in the game, the more rewards that you will get. All of those rewards can be used to upgrade your Duckies to be more valuable or sell them for some tokens. Either way, you will earn some real money if you are committed to playing the game consistently.

Moreover, you can also own some land NFTs in Duckieland. The land can be used to open businesses or build farms or mines for additional resources. You can also get special access to dungeons and allow other characters to visit. You can choose the type of land you like a beach, desert, lava, ice, and mountain.

As Duckieland is a new and growing project, you have an opportunity to purchase some lands as early as possible. With your best support and new users in the future—and a bit of luck as well, the project will get bigger, which means your owned lands would be worth a fortune.


If you are looking for a platform to invest some of your money in virtual real estate, look no further than those six NFT real estate projects. You can try a big project like Decentraland, or you can take advantage of the bright future of Duckieland to potentially earn some huge profit. Nevertheless, you can try whatever project you like to enjoy.

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