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Crypto Mining Platforms to Help Your Crypto Journey


Cryptocurrency mining is still an up and running trend in the online community worldwide. The early 2022 market drop allows new players to start investing, trading, or even mining those digital currencies. We have listed ten crypto mining platforms to help kickstart your crypto journey.



Ecos is a great platform for beginners. They offer everything you will need in the cryptocurrency market. You can access their crypto wallet and exchange platform, see investors' crypto portfolios, and procure cloud mining contracts with Ecos. You can conveniently access these services through their mobile app, available in both Google Play and Apple App Store.

Ecos' main selling point is that they provide a 1-month free mining contract to new users to test their platform. However, keep in mind that their mining contract is currently limited to Bitcoin. Nevertheless, they provide and accept payment from credit cards and a few other cryptos like BTC, ETH, XRP, and LTC.



StormGain lets you buy, sell, trade, and exchange cryptocurrencies and mine Bitcoins through their servers. Make sure you also trade in StormGain to get faster mining speed. Mining is done in a repeatable 4-hour shift, and you'll gain more speed by increasing your trading level. 

Their other appeal is that they are free of deposit charges. Do note that their service fees are specific to each coin type. All these features are accessible through their mobile app and web application.



If you want to mine Bitcoins through one of the veteran players in the scene, SlushPool is your choice. They even claimed to be mining around 3.5% of all Bitcoins in circulation today with their Bitcoin mining servers spread across the globe in the USA, Europe, Canada, Japan, and Singapore. The minimum payout is 0.001 BTC, with a 0.0001 BTC of payout fee for every <0.01 BTC transaction.

You can only mine in SlushPool using their official mobile app for Android and iOS, however, and you will be charged a 2% pool fee. The app itself works as your account's monitoring tool. 


Awesome Miner

Our next crypto mining platform is Awesome Miner, a mining management utility optimized for Windows and Linux users. It's free of cost for the first two miners and starts from USD 48 annual billing afterward. If you have less than 400 mining rigs, they offer a 30-days trial period for their cloud subscription that lets you manage your mining sessions anywhere with an internet connection. After the trial is over, this service is available for USD 48 annual billing.



Smooth UI, dynamic dashboard, earning updates every minute, and accessible BTC mining platform makes Zionodes great. Through their strategic partnership with ViaBTC and various other mining industry players, Zionodes strengthens its foundations in remote bitcoin mining. Their service works on remote mining modules in which you are the owner of the miner, and you can operate it conveniently from anywhere.

Their crypto payment method includes USDP, TUSD, DAI USDT, and USDC. Using the MetaMask USDT ERC token, you can bulk order your mining modules from the trading desk. Sign up to their marketplace for free trial access to one of the miners of your preference.


CryptoTab Browser

It's a web browser with built-in mining features, making it recommended for non-tech users who don't want the full crypto-mining experience. They claimed that you could mine cryptocurrencies while browsing the web using automatic algorithm switching. This algorithm promises profit boosts and ensures no overheating or battery drain occurs while using their service. All the rewards are converted to Bitcoins with a 0.00001 BTC minimum payout. 



By far the only platform that lets you mine 14 different cryptocurrencies, HashCity offers no payout and a 1% pool mining fee. If you are new to the crypto mining craze, they provide start-up guides for each cryptocurrency with their respective 'How to start' buttons. Clicking this button lets you find the appropriate miner or other files related to said cryptocurrency. Pool members are given access to the HashCity app for Android and their official Telegram channel.



This platform is different from others in this list because CoinFly is a crypto operating system (COS). You don't need a mining setup, and they have their mining pool; they only provide you with connections to other mining pools. You need to create a bootable USB stick, boot it on your mining rig, and the pre-installed, pre-configured miner utilities will do the work. They are free of charge, with payout terms specific to each pool you join.

As of June 2022, CoinFly is rebranding itself as Pirates. However, their old services are still available on the old CoinFly domains and will continue to work for an undisclosed period. Moreover, their OS is now called Pirate OS or POS instead of COS.



If you are already familiar with crypto mining, NiceHash is your choice as it offers complete pools/services compared to other platforms in this list. It's an all-in-one package of crypto exchange, hash rate marketplace, and crypto mining utility. You can choose between using their in-house mining application NiceHash Quickminer or any 3rd party miner app along with NiceHash Miner.

Like COS/POS, the NiceHash OS (NHOS) lets you connect unlimited mining rigs—this time completely free of charge. Compatible pools include—but are not limited to—SlushPool, 2Miners, and F2Pool.



Our last platform is CudoMiner, which their Cudo mining platform helps automated mining with barely any manual configurations needed. Their auto coin switching feature ensures the best possible profit by picking the most profitable algorithm to mine up to 9 different coins. Manual configurations even let you mine over 100 different cryptocurrencies. If you have your dedicated mining rig(s), you can book CudoOS to it.



Cryptocurrency mining will be here for a long time. As long as tokens like BTC and ETH are still widely used as digital currencies, people will still go and mine them. There are countless other crypto mining platforms you can choose if you want to start getting in on the fun.

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