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Charmin NFT: The First-Ever Non-Fungible Toilet Paper

Have you ever come across Charmin NFT? Would you believe us if we told you that you could turn small, overlooked stuff like toilet paper into a high-value NFT product? The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) digital asset has emerged as one of the blockchain-based assets that offer outstanding returns to creators and investors.

This investment product can be used as a digital collection media to support artists without third-party intermediaries. The guarantee of authenticity and originality is one of the benefits of NFT. Along with its success, several works and products of NFT have been created, many of which have very high selling values. Many creators and artists produce masterpieces outside of the box because of their uniqueness.

Toilet paper is one of the most uncommon NFT works. Charmin, an American toilet paper firm, launched the world's first NFT product in the form of a digital toilet roll! The price is incredible! What does this one-of-a-kind product look like, and why do they believe it works?

Who is Charmin?


Charmin Logo

First and foremost, we would like to introduce the business that owns Charmin NFT: the number one toilet paper vendor in the United States. Charmin has been on a mission to improve people's toilet experiences for nearly 100 years, working with the mascot known as the Charmin bears. Below is a summary of their movements:


The Beginning


Charmin was named after a statement made by an employee of the Hoberg Paper Company in Wisconsin in 1928. He called their toilet paper "charming" at the time. The design reflected the time's feminine trend.
Since 1957, Procter & Gamble (P&G), the leading brand holder for household goods, has been the parent company of Charmin. They then patented a new manufacturing technique, which resulted in a softer Charmin product.


Meet the Bears


Charmin Ultra introduced the most absorbent toilet paper product in the United States in 1999. They debuted the mascot bears Leonard, Molly, Bill, Amy, and Dylan a year later. Each has its nickname and exciting fact.


Greeting Millennials


Charmin NFT is just one of their extraordinary breakthroughs. Charmin once set a record on National Toilet Paper Day 2011 with the World's Largest Toilet Roll. You can also find a Snapchat filter by Charmin called "Go before the finale" to celebrate the last episode of Game of Thrones.

To add to your admiration, Charmin was also the unofficial sponsor of "Pre-Show Go" during the premieres of Frozen 2 and Avengers: Endgame. In 2020, Charmin presented three breakthroughs: RollBot, SmellSense, and VIPee, to address some of the most common bathroom complaints.


We Bring NFTs to Toilet!


Bring NFT to Toilet

It was previously unthinkable, but the brand was able to bring out people's estranged minds. Yes, they bring NFT into the toilet! The game-changer this time was Charmin selling toilet paper-themed NFT. The product is labeled as NFTP (non-fungible toilet paper). Of course, it's the world's first NFTP artwork!


Charmin NFT Officially Released


Charmin collaborates with three talented illustrators, Shanee Benjamin, Donna Adi, and Made by Radio. Each has a unique perspective and unexpected style that manages to bring toilet paper splendor to life.
On March 17, 2021, Charmin officially released digital TP (toilet paper) artwork as the first NFT(P) crypto collection. It delivers a dazzling toilet paper visual with a soft yet durable texture, perfect for a centerpiece of your crypto art collection.


Limited Edition & Charity Auction


Charmin sells only one NFT per each of its five designs. So, the stock is extra limited. Interestingly, Charmin will donate the proceeds from the sale of NFT to charities. Each roll will be auctioned off and will come with a physical display so people can hang their NFT(P) alongside the original TP rolls in the bathroom.

Unlike conventional auctions, buyers do not need to be physically present. Bids can be submitted from any mobile device. All proceeds from the auction were donated to Direct Relief, an organization that focuses on assisting in emergencies by providing medical resources for people in need.


Can We Use NFT for Branding?


Tacobell NFT for Branding

Did you know that, before Charmin NFT, the brand showcased an intelligent toilet paper-carrying robot and VR experience at CES 2020? It is the umpteenth proof that the brand is aware of the tech industry and is willing to spend some marketing dollars there. Most consumers are still struggling to understand the world of NFT, and the use of blockchain technology is claimed to be far from being consumer-friendly.

However, NFT could pave its way to traditional commerce, led by Discord-obsessed Gen-Z users. Now more and more brands are starting to think outside the box, realizing that NFT can help facilitate the creation of digital communities. 

So, can we use NFT for branding? The answer is yes; we can. Brands can smartly use NFT to engage directly with their customers and fans. Here are some of the reasons why a business might experiment with NFT:

  • - Generate new sources of revenue.
  • - Increase brand loyalty.
  • - Raise funds for a great charity.
  • - Enhance brand culture.
  • - Promoting community among new customer groups.

We can see that Charmin NFT is one of the branding strategies because Charmin managed to get all the benefits mentioned above.

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More Brands are Using NFT for Branding


Charmin NFT in Rarible

Aside from Charmin with their Charmin NFT, several other large companies are also attempting branding using NFT. Among them:

  • - Taco Bell auctions 25 NFTs on the Rarible NFT marketplace in March 2021 to raise brand awareness and promote the Live Mas Scholarship to increase fund education.
  • - Coca-Cola released four animated NFTs in July 2021 and raised $575,883 for Special Olympics International.
  • - Mattel, a leading US manufacturer of children's toys, released 40 Hot Wheels NFT designs in November 2021.

No less surprising, in January 2022, McDonald's released the NFT McRib to honor the return of the limited collection of McRib. There are 93 thousand people who retweeted to get the product exclusively.




Over time, brands must learn what works for them through trial and error. The good news is that the actual effect of NFT is that it opens up a whole new world of brand interaction and possibilities for brands to communicate with their customers in novel ways. Short-term monetary flows, artwork, and breakthroughs like Charmin NFT create a new market and allow companies to maintain control of their unique assets without fear of imitation, alteration, or manipulation.

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