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Best NFT YouTube Channel for Your Regular Updates

The NFT and cryptocurrency craze still shows no sign of dying out despite the recent market crash. For those of you who are interested in learning about NFT in general, YouTube might be one of the best places you can learn for free! That’s why we have gathered a number of the best NFT YouTube channels to help you enter this digital industry.

1. Viral Kingdom

For the top of the list, we have the Viral Kingdom in mind. From designing to minting, promoting, and selling your NFT to the marketplace; you need it, they got it. The viral Kingdom also regularly updates you about some NFT and crypto news, like this YouTube Short about every celebrity who owns a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT. Aside from NFT tutorials and news, it also reviews NFT projects in circulation on a regular basis.

Due to their excellent advice presented in super-detailed videos, Viral Kingdom has helped at least 87.1k subscribers (and many more unsubscribed viewers) as they enter the NFT world.

2. Carl Hustle

Card Hustle Youtube Channel

Another great channel for NFT beginners, Carl Hustle, presents you with detailed information and tutorials that will help you better understand NFT and the process behind it. Most of his content focused on how to thrive in this multi-billion-dollar industry. He also occasionally provides viewers with a “buyers’ guide” sort of content.

What differentiates him from other channels in this list is that his content is tailor-made for NFT beginners with a limited budget. That’s why he often creates a tutorial on how to maximize the little assets you own.

3. Tommy Bryson

Tommy Bryson Channel

Tommy Bryson is a YouTube creator who focuses his content on various ways of earning money through different online platforms. He had made several videos about NFT, with one of them managing to reach 1 million views. Since his channel is about making money, his NFT-related videos also focus on teaching his audiences to create and sell NFTs for a decent profit, as well as some tips and tricks to avoid and minimize loss.

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4. Hustle Millennial

Hustle Millenial Channel

Another great YouTube creator with an entire arsenal of the content of all things NFT, Hustle Millennial, discusses every single thing about NFT. Want to learn how to create one? He got it. Want to know how to create an entire library of 1000 NFTs? He can tell you. Want to increase profit from flipping NFTs? He will share the secret with you. Not only that, but he also teaches you how to handpick NFT projects that will grow in popularity.

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5. 3D Gladiator

Starting his channel with tutorials on how to create 3D models, 3D Gladiator now provides you with a series of videos on all the things you need to know about NFT. Combining that with the 3D model tutorial, he ended up teaching his viewers how to create, mint, and sell 3D models as NFT.

6. Franklin Hatchett

Franklin Hatchett Channel

Similar to Tommy Bryson, Franklin Hatchet is a YouTube creator that tackles the topic of earning money through several online platforms of them being NFT. His other videos discuss various topics such as affiliate marketing, dropshipping, and finding freelance gigs. His NFT videos focus on figuring out the best way to earn a living through NFT from flipping NFTs, choosing a suitable marketplace, to maximizing profit.

7. codeSTACKr

codeSTACK Channel

Our next best NFT YouTube channel is codeSTACKr. The channel discusses a lot of things related to NFT, such as how to create an entire collection of NFTs, how to quickly mint thousands of them at the same time, and how to figure out whether you own a rare piece or not. One of his contents also encourages people interested in crypto and NFT investment to just do it, even without prior coding or programming knowledge.

8. Kapwing

Kapwing Channel

Even though this channel is an official corporate channel of a video editing company, they still have some videos on NFTs. Being a video editing channel, their NFT videos not only teach you the usual stuff of minting and selling NFTs, but they also encourage you to try and create video NFTs. Apart from NFT-related content, Kapwing also has a ton of different topics covered in their channel.

9. Pugbits

Pugbits Channel

Most of the previously mentioned best NFT YouTube channels are from experts in digital marketing, NFT enthusiasts, and even a video editing company. But how about getting tips and tricks about NFT from an NFT artist? Pugbits is actually an adorable NFT channel managed by the artist herself. The Portuguese artist discussed basic things and provided tutorials about the NFT market, as well as occasionally did a drawing demonstration.

10. NFT Times

In case someone asks, yes, this is a channel about NFT, and no, it’s not a subsidiary of TIMES Magazine. But really, the name of the channel already reflects the owner’s main focus. The owner’s vision for his channel is solely for discussing and promoting NFT. Being an NFT artist himself, the channel owner will help you gain a footing in the NFT market.

11. Wilson K Lee

Wilson K Lee Channel

From enthusiasts to artists, now we will have a look at an NFT project owner’s YouTube channel. Wilson K Lee is a founder of the littles NFT project, and he covered his little project in an hour-long in-depth video. If you want to learn about the challenges you’d have to tackle in the NFT business, then Wilson K Lee is the best NFT YouTube channel to do so.

12. DCL Blogger

DCL Blogger Channel

The last of our list of best NFY YouTube channels is one of the earliest channels on the NFT scene. DCL Blogger covers all you need to know about NFT art collecting, trading, flipping, upcoming projects, and more. He also does a live stream every now and then where he interacts with his followers, answering NFT-related questions thrown in the live comment. Or you can reach him on Twitter, where his influence on NFT topics is even stronger.


Learning about anything has never been easier with YouTube. Practically every topic is discussed by YouTube creators, including NFTs. The best NFT YouTube channels we’ve gathered are only the tip of the iceberg of NFT related content on the video sharing platform.


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