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Becoming a Certified NFT Expert, Why Not?

The rapid growth of the crypto space and NFTs have created demands for reliable information and professional guidance. Certified NFT experts come to answer the needs for professional advice and insight. Anyone interested in NFTs and blockchain technology could consider becoming one, but the road to becoming an expert is full of challenges.

Make sure to read this guide before you determine the next step to becoming an expert.


What Does a Certified NFT Expert Do?


Be NFT Expert

An NFT expert provides professional insight, knowledge, and suggestions about NFT and decentralized blockchain technology. They usually work with professionals like companies and developers to better integrate such technology in specific fields. 

Certified NFT experts have also become more critical of the development of metaverse technology. When more industries and professional fields embrace this technology, NFT experts will be valuable workforce members. They will help create strategies, provide industry insights, and give professional suggestions in incorporating the NFT aspects within the technology.


Reasons to Become a Certified NFT Expert


Certified Of NFT

An NFT expert is one of the fast-growing professions that offer many possibilities. Here are some reasons to start the career path in this profession.


1. Wide Range of Fields


As a technology with growing possibilities, decentralized blockchain technology (including NFTs) is slowly entering various professional fields. You can enter various industries and professional fields depending on your interests or career goals. NFTs and decentralized blockchain have potential in fields like gaming, e-sports, luxury goods, fashion, arts, finance, licensing, and many more.


2. Open for Everyone


NFT training does not require specific educational levels or age limits. Anyone with basic knowledge about NFT and perseverance can join educational training programs to become a potential NFT expert. 


3. Great Potentials for Future Career


Decentralized blockchain and NFT are budding technology trends. You can expect more demands in integrations with companies, professional fields, and other technologies. Any experts working in these fields will see much potential in developing their careers. 

Career Prospects for Certified NFT Experts


The growing number of fields applying NFT and decentralized blockchain technology provides flexible career options. Certified NFT experts can work in any field based on their specific interests. Digital content, digital art, gaming, fashion, NFT marketplace, decentralized finance, crypto domains, and name services, and licensing are prospective fields for developing careers.

If you have certification in NFT and blockchain technology, you can choose specific careers or more general ones that will benefit from your expertise. Some examples of career prospects include:

1. Blockchain Consultant


Blockchain Consultant


Blockchain consultants create business solutions and strategies to implement blockchain technology in operations better. Like other business consultants, they must analyze and develop the best blockchain strategies that are both compatible with the company resources and their future roadmaps. They also create risk management strategies and ensure that the tech integration process is smooth. Blockchain consultants with NFT certification also provide technical support and backups. However, their roles lean toward giving suggestions, advice, and plans for pre built solutions and frameworks.

2. Blockchain Developer


Blockchain Developer

Blockchain technology always needs more robust, better security as users conduct numerous digital transactions. Different companies also need specific features in the blockchain system they use to serve customers better. Blockchain developers have huge opportunities to develop a more secure and specific blockchain environment. 

Blockchain developers have NFT certification and know programming and coding languages. Developers must analyze specific blockchain needs before creating customized networks, complete with features and security solutions.


3. Blockchain Architect


Blockchain Arthitec


The works of blockchain architects are actually a level above developers (with higher income). A blockchain architect deals with the whole environment of blockchain technology. They usually become heads of several projects that involve developing, running, and maintaining blockchain systems. Blockchain architects are often parts of the Research and Development department, providing frameworks and becoming go-to experts about the blockchain environment in general.

4. Ethereum Developer


Ethereum Developer

Ethereum developers have the possibility to enjoy bright future career paths. Companies like Meta, IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft are slowly developing solutions for Ethereum blockchain technology. Expertise in elements of a blockchain and Ethereum like digital signatures, Ethereum programming language, smart contracts, token standards, and security will take you far in your future career path.


5. Smart Contract Developer


Smart Contract Developer

Smart contracts support various transactions through blockchain, from NFT marketplace to shopping and buying properties. Since this process does not need intermediates or a middleman, smart contract developers hold essential roles in creating a secure and intuitive environment.

Smart contract developers can work with clients from various industries. You will be tasked to analyze clients’ requirements before creating a secure system based on their needs. You must also ensure that the smart contract integrates well with the company system.

How to Get Certified 


You can find blockchain/NFT certification services that provide intensive programs to become certified. These courses usually cover all the basic theories and knowledge before teaching practical skills. Some courses are open to the general public without prior knowledge, while others suggest that you come with basic knowledge about blockchain and NFT.

More certification programs are cropping up with the rise of NFT and blockchain trends. You must choose the program that provides the most important knowledge and skills to build a career path. After upgrading your knowledge and skill, you should find courses that offer intermediate-level programs. 

When selecting a certification program, make sure you follow these tips:


1. Study the Course Details

Different courses might offer unique details in their programs. Make sure you review them to make sure that they align with your career goal.


2. Ask Around

A good course provides strong basics for anyone interested in NFT and blockchain career paths. Make sure to inquire about specific certification programs to see the real results. Find testimonials from other certified experts about their experiences with the courses.


3. Study Diverse Materials

Blockchain and NFT are growing industries, which means you need to study a wide range of materials. Good certification programs usually provide diverse materials, from videos and expert instructions to news and case studies. Make sure you use all of them to strengthen your basics in NFT expertise. Being a certified NFT expert requires solid, reliable programs and learning methods to start promising career paths. Start mapping your future career goals and choose the right course to get your certificate.

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