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Avoid Scams! 10 Ways to Choose Cryptocurrencies to Invest!

Are you a newcomer to the crypto world and interested in investing in one? Selecting the right cryptocurrency to invest in can be a simple task. All you need to do is just to know the fundamentals. Then, how to choose cryptocurrency that fits your financial abilities so that you can start investing in it? We will explore ten simple ways to do that. Let's delve in!


1. Find a Solid Community


Solid Community Cryptocurrency

A decent cryptocurrency typically has a solid community with loyal followers. This can be an indication that those people have a genuine belief and interest in the coin. This is a type of crypto community you should be looking for.

If you don't know where to start, go to some forums on Reddit. Larger communities usually are pretty active. Should you require some help regarding how to process work or other questions, joining the community is always a great place to start. Besides, they are usually accommodating and always happy to provide an enlightening answer.

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2. Learn Fundamental Analysis


Fundamental Analysis Crypto

Fundamental analysis refers to the investment foundations, which include the team, aspirations, strengths, and so on. It's as important as technical analysis; thus, you need to fully comprehend it for it will benefit it in the long run.

You will be much better at your investment decision-making by learning how to perform fundamental analysis. It also assists you in distinguishing a good investment from a bad one. More importantly, in a market where low-quality cryptocurrencies are more appealing to the majority.


3. Get to Know the Team


Get to Know the Team

The next thing you can do to pick the best crypto investment is to look into the team behind the crypto platform. A team has a crucial role in leading people to success or failure. Therefore, researching and evaluating all the people involved in the crypto project is critical.

You can analyze a few things: Who is behind the crypto? Do you have faith in their expertise? Are those people aspirational? And is their track record of achievement well-documented? These are the questions to consider.


4. Know the Applied Technology


Technology of Crypto

Technology plays an essential role in a crypto's success. If you want to invest in the best cryptocurrency, you have to know the technology the crypto is employed in. Also, get to know what makes crypto's tech stand out among its competitors.

Technology-wise, Ethereum is currently one of the best cryptocurrencies. The reason for this is that they have smart contracts and virtual machine technologies. Also, their technology is specifically built to help developers incorporate the blockchain into their applications with ease.


5. Thoroughly Read the White Paper


White Paper Crypto

One thing you need to understand in cryptocurrency investment is that you should never invest in any crypto until you've thoroughly read their white paper. Every new cryptocurrency always comes with white paper. This outlines the coin's objective, the applied tech, the broad vision, and how it works.

You will be exposed to some new crypto-related terms, but don't let them discourage you. White papers are a rich source of information. The more you read, the better you will get at spotting the best crypto to invest in.


6. Identify Their Vision


Vision Crypto

Next up on how to choose cryptocurrency is to identify the vision of the crypto. A coin without a clear vision is something you should avoid. If you invest in such crypto, you will get nothing but a lot of struggles.

Therefore, you should only make an investment in a cryptocurrency that provides a solid, clear vision for the future. After all, you might not want to stick with short-term profits; thus, identify where the crypto will be in the next 5-10 years or maybe more.


7. Consider Their Leadership


Leader Cryptocurrency

As briefly mentioned, a team has a significant role in the operation of cryptocurrency. Only a team with outstanding leadership can lead the crypto to success. Therefore, get to know the team and identify what the said team has achieved in the crypto world.

You can also ensure that each team member is genuinely invested in the crypto project. Good leadership always has a decent reputation, so check this as well. Last, look into what the executive team said about the currency and what they actually want to accomplish.


8. Look for the Pricing History


Pricing Trading View Cryptocurrency

Pricing fluctuations of crypto can give you a good indication of whether the coin will be a decent investment. For the majority of newcomers, a crypto's pricing history could be a whole new concept they hardly understood. 

Lucky for you, there are many platforms that provide live crypto prices. You can make use of such a platform to look at the current or even the previous price movement. As a beginner, you may want to predict the price, but it would be best if you keep with the basics at the moment.


9. Strong Credibility and Reputation


Credibility and Reputation Crypto

Next up, identify if the cryptocurrency has a solid reputation and credibility. Crypto with massive followers can be an indication that the coin truly has a good reputation. This is a crypto project you should consider investing in.

So, do some research on online forums to see what crypto enthusiasts say about the currency. Another consideration is to look for a coin that the majority of investors are feeling optimistic about. Keep all these in mind to protect you against scams.


10. Look for the Road Map


Road Map dApps

The last step you need to consider when selecting a cryptocurrency to invest in is to look for the road map. Every new currency always comes with a road map. It's basically a documented plan for the long-term development of the project.

So, make sure there is a clear timeline to denote the coin development. Also, identify whether the road map includes a plan regarding the release of significant updates. Lastly, check if they have a limited number of currencies and how much the limit is.


That's the guideline for deciding which cryptocurrency you should invest in. To protect yourself against fraud, you can simply refer to the guidelines on how to choose cryptocurrency above. Indeed, there is no such thing as "safe bets" in the world of cryptocurrency. Either way,  what we have elaborated on above will really assist you in picking a smart crypto investment. 

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