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A Glimpse into Beyond Human: An NFT-Powered Open-World Survival Game


Venturing into the digital realm, Beyond Human emerges as an avant-garde open-world survival game, captivating enthusiasts with its immersive narrative and turn-based tactical gameplay. In a futuristic landscape where clones have emancipated themselves from their creators, Beyond Human beckons players into a realm of intrigue and challenge. Crafted by the mind of MrGhost, this game pioneers a fusion of NFT-driven mechanics and riveting gameplay, forming a tapestry of innovation and immersion.


The Unveiling of Phases

Beyond Human unfurls its ambitions across three pivotal phases, each imbued with distinct nuances. Presently, Phase 1 invites all, allowing seamless interaction via Discord accounts. Yet, the journey spirals further with the advent of Phase 2, accessible exclusively to holders of an Avatar NFT. During this phase, the project takes a quantum leap onto the blockchain. A pivotal juncture arrives at the threshold of Phase 2 with the commencement of the NFT sale, encompassing 9,999 Faction Avatars and the remaining 499 Founder Avatars. An imminent Beyond Human Land sale promises to add another layer of depth to this evolving universe. Eventually, Phase 3 ushers in the Beyond Human Metaverse, initiating its journey with the enigmatic Safe Zone, an exclusive domain reserved solely for possessors of an Avatar NFT.


Navigating Gameplay Realms

The nexus of Beyond Human's gameplay prowess lies in the Grid Game—an ostensibly straightforward mini-game that conceals multifaceted dynamics. Participants glean the in-game currency within this simulation by navigating the intricacies of scavenging and strategic choices. Over six "days," players embark on journeys beyond the city, endeavoring to return laden with scavenged treasures, quantified as points. The terrain consists of a grid, where each square harbors possibilities and perils. Players determine destinations, grappling with the dichotomy of scavenging versus attacking. However, the outcome pivots not solely on individual choices but on the interplay of fellow participants who grapple with identical dilemmas.


A Glimpse into the Future

Beyond Human unveils a tantalizing prospect—a realm poised on the brink of transformation. Although the game remains a work in progress, its current iteration resonates with substantial promise. The fulcrum of the project is the Grid Game, which encapsulates its essence. A distinctive aspect of Beyond Human's development strategy lies in its phased implementation, ensuring that the community is not subjected to extended waiting periods for the grand tapestry of the metaverse to unfurl. Gradual roll-outs encompass diverse facets, encompassing world-building zones, PVP arenas, and PVE escapades. Beyond Human strives to keep enthusiasts engaged in this calculated evolution while realizing its multifaceted vision.


Beyond Human isn't just a game—it's a testament to innovation within the gaming sphere. With its amalgamation of NFT-centric dynamics and strategic gameplay, it forges a pathway into a distinctive realm of digital escapades. The fabric of Beyond Human is interwoven with narrative intrigue, tactical choices, and NFT integration, promising players an odyssey through a realm teeming with promise and potential. As Beyond Human traverses the landscape of development, adventurers must embrace the evolving narrative, an invitation to chart their course in a near-future world of endless intrigue.

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