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9 Recommendations For The Best Pixel Art NFT


With the recent surge of technology that has manifested through the invention of NFTs, blockchains, and crypto, other industries have also found their way into capitalising on their abilities through NFTs. One of the most prominent ways this has manifested itself is in the art industry, where artists are now rushing to sell and capitalise on their art through NFTs

An NFT pixel art is essentially a digital asset that combines blockchain technology with artistic methods to validate the art, proving that it cannot be edited. With all of these in mind, perhaps you see good prospects in pixel art NFTs and want to invest in them. Therefore, let’s take a look at the best pixel art NFT in the market and see if they resonate with your criteria.


1. Yubo Randos


Yubo Randos

Many of today’s youth are probably familiar with Yubo. It is an app that allows people to connect with one another through live streams. They have recently come out with their own set of pixel art NFTs, in which each piece is unique with its own identity and tagline.

If you pay attention to the quality produced by Yubo Randos, you can see that the product is worth it. When users buy this, they will garner tons of benefits. This includes being able to enter private and public events and increased accessibility to other facilities. By buying Rando, investors can gain a passive income stream as well as you can sell it on secondary platforms.


2. Meebits



Created by Larva Labs, this NFT designs its pixel art to resemble the theme of voxel-based characters. Since CryptoPunks themselves are very popular within the crypto nft community, Meebits itself inevitably got a lot of exposure, selling 9000 Meebits worth $70 million in the first few hours. There are many things you can do from buying this NFT, including adding details to the art, modifying it to suit your taste, making 2D pixel art from it, and many more activities. 


3. CryptoPunks



As a follow-up to the previous mention, we’re going to be talking about CryptoPunks. This one NFT is such a revolutionary one because it paved the way for other NFTs in the market. This one has a lot of big artist names attached to it as they make “Punks” of big celebrities. Because of this, they inevitably gain a lot of attention from the mainstream media. This also created a domino effect as they are now one of the priciest NFTs at this moment in this niche. 


4. ApeGang



This NFT was created to capitalise on the fame of the Bored Ape Yacht Club. This definitely had a big impact on the NFT world because ApeGang took the world by storm last year in July 2021.

Due to their success, they are now able to host multiple events, own different sets of facilities, and help foster a community full of people with a familiar set of interests. These NFTs were designed and created through Python, a programming software, and were specifically crafted to be unique with their own different sets of identities and taglines.


5. BitCats



Hosted in the Ethereum blockchain, this NFT’s main specialty is making 2D pixel art. As a pixel-based network, it also portrays the medium as something that is most suitable for profile pictures. Because these are handmade, they are considered to be extremely rare as well; therefore, priceless.

The project itself is deemed to have great prospects as it is heading towards a more Metaverse-oriented direction as they also have a heavily planned out scheme. If anyone wants a good long-term investment, BitCats is something that definitely should be considered.


6. Weird Whales


Weird Whales

In this collection, users are able to witness sets of stylized, pixelated whales. The main attraction point for this NFT is the fact that the owner, programmer, and designer, Benyamin, is 12 years old. Currently, one Weird Whales NFT is priced at $104.3 in the OpenSea nft marketplace. With both the backstory and the project being a commercial success, this has benefited Weird Whales as now it is featured on many different platforms.


7. Moonbirds



Possessing a high return on investment, this crypto pixel art collection has also been pretty popular recently. The thing that validated and caught the attention of the public is the fact that Moonbirds are owned by the Proof Collective. Proof Collective is associated with many big-name artists and important figures. With this, users can also experience many benefits, including access to private events like other NFTs, group chats, and the ability to connect with other members more easily. Its performance is reflected through its high demand and high gross sales.


8. The Habibis


This one is actually a less mainstream one. However, the best thing about this is that it is fun and has entertainment value. The collection includes around 5000 pixelated men in different traits, physical attributes, clothing, and many more, differentiating every NFT from one another and distributing uniqueness in all of them.

For people interested, this can also mean that communities of colour might get further benefits due to the diversity and representation available through this NFT. With all of these in mind, The Habibis garnered a floor price of 0.5 Eth and 5000 ETH of volume.


9. Cryptozunks and Cryptophunks


Both of these NFTs are actually two different NFTs, but they have one common thing: they are both founded by Zagabond. Their main advantage is their floor price, which is guaranteed to attract many investors. However, this NFT can also be easily mistaken for CryptoPunks. Therefore, it is a little disadvantageous to their brand name and identity as customers may get confused between the two NFTs.

Now that you know all of the best options for the best pixel art NFTs available on the market, it is time for you to make the wise decision to pick which one of these NFTs is best suited for your taste and which one of these will be beneficial for you in the long-run.

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