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7 Most Popular PFP NFT Projects In 2022

It is a brave new world today. We have begun to know so many ways to trade, sell, and purchase. The trending blockchain has gained more interest and revealed more players in the field. Of course, some of these players aim for PFP NFT.

What Does PFP Mean On NFT?

If you are still unfamiliar with these terms, PFP stands for “profile picture”. It is one of the most popular items on NFTs. One of the examples is the PFPs sold by an Indonesian content creator named Ghozali Everyday. He never expected to have all his PFPs sold for millions of Indonesian rupiah. Since then, many people have started participating in the blockchain business. These days, using NFTs for your PFPs has been a growing trend. From everyday people to celebrities, they change their profile pictures on their social media pages using NFTs.

For example, you can also change your regular profile picture using NFT on Twitter. How? First, go to your profile and press edit to edit profile. Tap on the icon of your profile picture and select Choose NFT. In an instant, your profile picture has become an example of PFP NFT.

Thanks to that, your profile picture is no longer just a regular profile picture. You can use an NFT to represent yourself better on the social media platform. For example: if you love cats so much, you would probably go for Cool Cat NFT to enhance your digital presence.

In short, the PFP NFT of your choice tells people more about how you represent yourself. It can be about your work, your favorite hobby, your wealth, or many more. The choice is yours, and there are plenty of options in the NFT world.

Why PFP NFT Becomes So Famous


PFP NFT Becomes So Famous


It started in 2021 with a massive wave of generative art avatar projects. Many people had gotten bored with the usual photo filters, so why not go all out with their PFPs by minting some NFTs? The method adds more in-depth characters to their PFPs. By looking at one, you would probably feel more intrigued in guessing the person behind that avatar.

In 2022, the trend carries on. In NFT Marketplaces, we can see several high-profile PFP NFTs listed. There are still more of them scheduled for the next listing. There are many PFP NFT Projects, but carefully keep your eyes open to find the blue-chip ones.

In short, these are the four reasons PFPs with NFTs have become more famous lately:


  • - Most PFPs for proof NFT projects are community-based. The NFT holders have the right to vote and actively participate in the progression of the NFT projects.
  • - They exist with a clear, more defined roadmap. This is how the investors keep track of what to expect from their collaboration with a brand for their NFT projects.
  • - Some of them also have both virtual and real-life utilities. For example, NFT holders get to play real-time games or own physical toys from the brand.
  • - Most of them have merchandise stores for monetizing creative art. For example, T-shirts, caps, beanies, keychains with the company logo, and many more from their stores.

What Is The Best PFP NFT Project?

That answer may depend on what you need once you have a list of high-performing PFP NFT projects in 2022. Here are seven of them:


1. CryptoPunks


Cryptopunks PFP NFT

Like its namesake, this project focuses on punk-style PFPs. They have a collection of ten thousand pixelated Punk NFTs. Developed by Larva Labs, these PFPs are a trend in social media. Many use the rarest punk avatars as their PFPs on Twitter and Discord. The rarer the design, the more willing collectors to pay for them.


2. BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club)


Bored Ape Yacht Club

BAYC is one of the most famous brands in NFT. With a collection of 10,000 generative cartoons of apes looking bored, they also equip them with 170 different, computer-generated traits to make each NFT stand out. For example, different clothes, accessories, fur, eye, background, and many more. Each chosen trait helps users to represent their digital personalities better.


3. Meebits



Also developed by Larva Labs, Meebits may remind you of avatars in online games like Roblox and Minecraft. This project owns 9,000 NFT assets. Their format is pixelated. This form is also known as voxel arts, a type of 3D-based pixel artwork. Their tokens are ERC-721 on the ETH for smart contract consensus.


4. Cool Cats NFT


Cool Cats NFT

All cat-lovers can own adorable cat avatars here. With a collection of 9,999 randomly generated PFP NFTs, you also get to customize your choice with many trait options. For example, clothes, expressions, accessories, and hair. Boxing-legend Mike Tyson is one of the celebrities who support this project. His Twitter PFP uses Cool Cat NFT.


5. SupDucks


Supducks NFT

Frank Niles, an OG artist and the head company of MegaVoltCrop, is the man behind this project. SupDucks was launched in July 2021, with 10.0K NFT assets on deck. Their utility token is called $VOLT, which can be used to stake investments in Discord. The options available include Rock-Paper-Scissors, Chess, coin flips, and many more.


6. Doodles


Doodles NFT

Just like its namesake, Doodles consists of 10,000 hand-drawn PFPs. These childlike features may remind you of your childhood. Dominated by pastel colors, these NFTs are illustrations of human faces, cats, dinos, aliens, and many more. There are also 5,000 spaceships for these Doodles.


7. World of Women


World of Women NFT

Your #womensupportingwomen spirit will feel even more complete with these PFP NFTs. Created by Yam Karai, World of Women displays a collection of 10,000 cool, punk-looking female avatars. You can see a variety of women here, representing inclusivity and diversity among fellow women on earth. As part of the celebrity support, Eva Longoria, Reese Witherspoon, and Shonda Rhimes own these NFTs. Reese Witherspoon also owns her NFT from Cool Cat NFT, alongside Mike Tyson.


The older generation of internet users may not be so keen on changing their profile pictures on social media with PFP NFTs. If you worry about your NFT making you look less professional at work, that is not necessary to feel that way. Your NFTs will enhance your digital profile in a more unique way.

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