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13 Best NFT Software: Great Choices for Minting NFT!

Minting NFTs through software is now a legit way to earn money. Choosing the best NFT software is important to give you satisfactory rewards from stamping. With the rising popularity of NFTs, software products for easier minting are cropping up, giving you numerous options for the best rewards.

We have compiled the 13 best software products you can use to create NFTs. Check out their features before choosing the best software for your needs.


What Makes Great NFT Software?

Makes Great NFT Software

Regardless of the software you pick, make sure it fulfills these requirements for successful minting.


1. Extremely Precise


NFT arts come in various styles, so your software must be able to read them with precision. It is essential to reproduce high-quality graphics and keep your NFT valuable.


2. Equipped with Editing Features


Your NFT software should offer good editing tools. Depending on the software, you may get a wide range of devices, from simple color grading tools to full editing features.


3. Offering Automated Watermark


An automated watermark is vital to keep your NFT from being easily claimed by others. The software usually comes with a pre-programmed watermark that automatically gets splashed onto your final image.


13 NFT Software Recommendations

Now that you know what to expect from good software, here are 13 recommendations to try.


1. SketchAr




SketchAr provides a more direct way to create NFT arts to sell. The design tool comes with AI and AR features to easily create digital arts. SketchAr also turns your digital arts into NFTs, immediately making them available in the marketplace.

SketchAr also comes with educational info to help creators make successful NFTs. You can also submit your art to be featured every week, bringing your works into more recognition. SketchAr has slightly fewer tools and features, but it is a great design tool for beginners to learn.


2. GoArt




Want to sell and mint art NFTs without being able to paint? GoArt can be your option. This NFT software converts realistic photos into oil painting-like images, using smart filters to convert up to 8-megapixel photos. Great NFT software to turn your photos into unique arts you can mint and sell.

GoArt also has a simple interface, perfect even for beginners in the NFT world. You can even turn the pictures into wallpaper, t-shirts, and poster designs. However, you need to pay if you want to access all the good features.


3. Nifty Ink


Nifty Ink


Nifty Ink is an ideal tool for complete beginners. It is free and easy to learn, allowing you to create digital NFTs even before understanding anything about blockchain technology. While the features are limited, Nifty Ink is perfect for anyone learning about NFT creation and minting.


4. NightCafe




If you want to create NFT arts in bulk, NightCafe is the answer. It comes with responsive and smart AI technology, able to create various art styles. You can also create NFTs and mint them on various devices, from tablets to phones and computers. However, NightCafe can only be used with credit points, which you should keep purchasing.


5. PixelChain




PixelChain allows you to create colorful, interesting pixel art NFTs. It also has features to compress and encode information into the blockchain. This way, you can add your name and other information to the NFT images. The security features make sure that your NFTs are safely stored.

PixelChain’s only downside is its limited features. However, this software is great for beginners or anyone looking for minting pixel arts.


6. NFT Creator


NFT Creator


NFT Creator is great for creating colorful and stylish arts for minting. It comes with various creative tools such as filters, fonts, colorful backgrounds, and graphics. From cute cartoon illustrations to collage-style images, you can quickly create unique nft artworks with your tablet for the NFT marketplace.


7. NinjaFT




NinjaFT is a tool for creating NFT trading cards, which you can immediately trade on Binance. It is compatible with Android and iOS, allowing you to create and mint NFT anywhere you go. The interface is simple, and you can immediately get its hang, even as a beginner. You can also make NFTs for gifts and join the Discord server for information and interaction with the community.


8. Fotor




Turn your photos and original images into unique NFTs with Fotor. This software has various editing tools and AI to convert images, giving you stylish, unique, and colorful NFTs to mint. Fotor offers filters that transform your images into unique art styles, such as pop art, pencil drawing, cartoon, and structuralism.


9. Paintstorm Studio


Paintstorm Studio


Looking for affordable painting software to create beautiful NFTs? Paintstorm Studio can be your solution. It offers responsive tools to create digital arts, complete with the post-stroke correction to ensure seamless works. The software comes with a simple interface that makes it easy to explore.


10. offers a creative NFT-making function using creative prompts. You can brainstorm ideas using visual prompts to ensure that your NFT images are original. The interface is straightforward, with a simple task widget that is easy to access. requires payment so you can access its features, but the plan is affordable and ideal for beginners.


11. Krita




Krita is a digital drawing software tool that has gone through a decade of development. It offers multiple brushes, colors, lines, and texture packs to create NFT arts. You can move the control panel around while working, creating a comfortable creative space. Wrap-up's special feature allows you to smoothen and improve your final arts before minting.


12. Voxedit



Are you interested in trading your NFTs in Sandbox? Choose Voxedit as the NFT software. You can create and edit voxel-based artworks and animate them if you want. The software is also compatible with multiple devices, making it easier for you to work anywhere.


13. Adobe Illustrator



Finally, creating digital illustrations is not complete without Adobe Illustration. As a gold standard in the digital art world, Adobe Illustrator offers tools to create a wide range of illustrations, labels, digital posters, and many more. It is the first step to creating original artworks you can mint at reasonable prices at the NFT marketplace.


NFT software helps artists to earn from selling their works on a blockchain system. Choose the best software for your minting needs and start getting rewards from those NFTs. 

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